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This week’s horoscope: Venus and Pisces enter the cultivation of body and mind (Photos) Constellation | Fortune | Tang Qiyang | Kaleidoscope |

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This week’s horoscope: Venus and Pisces enter the cultivation of body and mind (Photos) Constellation | Fortune | Tang Qiyang | Kaleidoscope |

This week’s horoscope: Venus in Pisces, enter the cultivation of body and mind. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

What is the horoscope for the week of April 4th to April 10th?

Venus in Pisces Tuesday night

Venus is in the sprint and will enter Pisces at 11:00 pm on Tuesday. Venus entering Pisces is a strong position of Venus, especially when, for example, each of us becomes more loving, wants to be more charitable, and we care more about small animals , or also care about ocean issues. Then we can also appreciate the beauty of art, or there will be very beautiful works and movies in music and dance, which will make us enjoy and feel that entering the fantasy world is very wonderful. Of course, it will also allow us to have better sleep, or we will care about the quality of sleep. In fact, it is a kind of physical and mental cultivation, and this Venus shows this value here.

Earth and fire conjunct on Tuesday. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Earth and Fire Conjunction on Tuesday

Fire and earth conjunct on Tuesday, so we will feel very much on Monday, this must have planted a problem in our life, and it is an urgent problem, we must deal with it, so our Monday will become It’s a little busier, everyone has a heavy heart, and this problem may come from interpersonal relationships, I don’t know if it’s a certain person, a stranger, or a sour person, or if you are integrated into a group, do you think there are some Difficulty in communication, this difficulty will reach its peak on Monday, but it also relatively stimulates our instinct in interpersonal coping, so let’s work together.

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Jupiter and Neptune will soon be conjunct. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Jupiter and Neptune conjunct

This week Jupiter and Neptune are in aspect, it is about to be conjunct, and the sea of ​​wood will amplify the energy of this Neptune and Pisces, this is a grand event, that is, in our lifetime, we feel the power of destiny, whether you think it is Fate treats you well, or you think you are very lucky or so unlucky, or whether there is some karma behind it, you must be very impressed. Of course, since you have a feeling, it means that this matter is no longer the case. It’s actually a superficial matter, and he is likely to involve more hidden aspects of body and mind. Maybe it’s related to the past life, maybe it’s related to some religious beliefs, etc. Then you have to start from this part, and sometimes miracles will happen.

This week is also the time of wood and earth aspects

This week is also the time when Jupiter and Saturn are in different constellations Aquarius and Pisces, but the phase they produce will have some shocks to society. Therefore, during this period of time, we look at a lot of worldly things, you can’t just talk about the matter, you may want to go deeper into the meaning of these people and things to you. It can play a key role in your life, which deserves our consideration and attention.

Jupiter is galloping and running. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Jupiter is galloping and running

That Jupiter we are speeding and running, because it is almost May 11th, so Jupiter’s degree this time has come to 21 degrees 58 minutes to 23 degrees 35 minutes, which means that it is about to have stars in degrees 22 degrees to 24 degrees. Half degree people make a difference. If you have stars in the above degrees, then Jupiter will bless you, you must seize this opportunity.

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Effects on individual constellations

Occupation: Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Friends of the Taurus sign may have people who you think are more reckless or more selfish at work this week, and then have little help in things who have been challenging your bottom line, so you can’t help but be impatient in communication, but I think you Still have to come up with skills to deal with it, don’t rush.

Gemini friends are quite pragmatic in terms of work. You can make progress in many things. If you don’t move it, things will not be as expected, so you can work harder!

Friends of the Sagittarius sign have recently come to talk to you about their future work. They are quite promising and forward-looking. Just open up your intuition and let you feel the one.

Friends of the Capricorn constellation have recently had a lot of work waiting for you to complete them step by step, but I don’t want you to work too hard. I think you should reduce some work in due course or give it to others to help you. It’s better, don’t Just carry it alone.

Love: Aries, Leo, Libra, Scorpio

Friends of Aries have too high requirements and cleanliness for you, so this will make you easily disappointed, and you have another mentality that you feel that you have not done enough, and then feel sorry for others, these two It’s too extreme, you should just level your mind.

The love life of the Leo constellation friend has recently entered the old-fashioned wife mode, which is a little bit uninteresting. This really needs a little management, whether it is you or the other party.

Libra friends If you are single this week, there may be enthusiastic friends who want to introduce you. I think it’s normal, just take it as meeting a new friend or meeting some new friends.

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Your Scorpio friend has an older person interested in you lately. Maybe he exudes a quality that makes you feel safe, if you need it.

Money: Aquarius, Pisces

Aquarius friends have been very lucky in money recently. Whether it is positive wealth from work or partial wealth from investment, you are very lucky.

Friends of the Pisces constellation, you are in good fortune, so money needs to be managed and managed. If you don’t attach great importance to it, then you can quickly take out your passbook and take a look.

Health: Cancer, Virgo

Cancer friends should pay attention to the connection between body and mind. For example, when you are very upset, it will indeed affect your body, and maybe you will gain a little weight. Or it becomes easier to be impetuous, and then the body swells up. This is all due to the influence of the situation in the heart, so the emotions should be properly released.

Virgo friends, pay attention to cardiovascular disease. If you have some problems with your cardiovascular system, of course, this time is a good time to pay attention.

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