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UNDERCOVER Announces Collaboration with GU for Third Joint Series

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UNDERCOVER Announces Collaboration with GU for Third Joint Series

Undercover and GU Announce Third Joint Series Collaboration

UNDERCOVER has just released the 2024 early autumn series Lookbook, and now it has announced that it will join hands with GU to create a new third joint series.

The two parties have launched the second joint series in 2021. This time the brand is titled “KOSMIK/NOISE” and has created items such as Outerwear, Shirting, Short Tee, and Bottoms that look familiar but have never been seen before. Among them, Convertible Riders Jacket, Convertible Oversized Mod Coat, and Convertible Helicopter Crew Pants, the sleeves and hem can be freely detached to increase flexibility in matching; in addition, there are Ribbed Blouson, Cardigan, Short-Sleeve Hoodie, and other tops, and the pants are Slim Distressed Jeans and Sweat Shorts, and the accessories section includes Quilted Side Bag, Leather Clog Sandals, Thematic Pin Set, and high socks. The overall product range is very rich.

The brand also cooperated with Universal Pictures to bring short T-shirts printed with classic movie patterns such as “Frankenstein”, “Dracula”, and “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, making this collaboration more diverse.

Jun Takahashi said: “We hope to spread richly designed clothing to all parts of the world. I very much agree with GU’s vision. As a clothing practitioner, I have many daily wearing styles that are closely related to GU’s production philosophy, so I Based on a simple design that is easy for everyone to accept, and adding many details, I will be happy if this time I can help people understand UNDERCOVER and GU more deeply.”

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The third GU x UNDERCOVER joint series will be available in GU stores and brand official websites in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong from March 1. Interested readers may wish to pay more attention.

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