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What is the aesthetics of costumes in film and television dramas? -Chinanews

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  Xiaosheng is considered ugly, Xiaohua can’t tell

  What is the aesthetics of film and television drama costumes?Young actors still need to work hard

Recently, a popular costume drama on the Internet caused netizens to complain, and it was also on hot search. The male protagonist’s face value is a bit far from the imagined costume male god. It is said that netizens rated him as the “ugliest costume male protagonist”. This also makes everyone start to reminisce about those beautiful men in ancient costumes that are deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Reminiscent of Wang Yuyan in the previous “Tianlong Ba Bu” was also complained about not being immortal enough, what should the costume florets standing beside the ancient costume gods in my mind look like?

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Zhang Nan

  The beauty of costume niche has been complained about, what exactly is the aesthetics of costumes?

Recently, in a hit drama, the man caused the female character to admire the idiot face, “So this is the most beautiful man in all corners of the world?” But it is too difficult to get the audience outside the screen to sincerely agree and resonate! Many viewers complained on social platforms, “Now when you open costume dramas, eight out of ten are ugly men.” In fact, the beauty and ugliness discussed by the audience here is not simply the beauty of appearance, but the personal conditions and roles of the actors. The degree of fit.

What’s wrong with the cast of TV series now? I think that the representatives of the ancient-style and beautiful men were dubbed by netizens as “the four beauties of the world“, Yan Yikuan, Zhong Hanliang, Qiao Zhenyu, Jiao Enjun, and later, Huo Jianhua. Whether it’s sword eyebrows, stars, or suaves, the audience can identify at a glance whether the younger brother or the uncle has the classical temperament required for the role.

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In addition to good looks, it is also important that the character charm brings added value. The so-called “beautiful man in ancient costume” filled the audience with new interpretations and new imaginations of qualities such as gentleness and coolness. In fact, the original position of the male god in the costume role was not single. Kind of handsome.

At present, these faces appearing in costume dramas, or young faces from the draft, do not have much audience popularity, and they are airborne in the field of costume dramas that were once “held” by the handsome guys in costumes. In addition, there is no certain acting skills foundation, and acting skills cannot be used to make up for it. It is simply a disaster. You know, some well-known actors rarely appear in costume dramas. Why? To put it bluntly, avoid its shortcomings.

Indeed, there are currently romantic plot settings that have certain requirements for the appearance of the male and female protagonists. If it does not meet a certain standard, it will be difficult for the audience to have a sense of substitution. At that time, Zhao Youting played the popular costume drama “Three Lives III and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”. The shape of “black long straight hair” was also ridiculed, and his appearance was deducted from the drama, but he did not expect that everyone would be “facelifted” Brought in by “style acting”, the female audience was caught by the affectionate male protagonist. Regarding the character’s temperament, Ren Jialun who has starred in “Under the Brocade” is probably one of the niche born after the 85th generation who relies on the role of the upper rank to win the bonus. Cheng Yi and Luo Yunxi, the male protagonists who have emerged from costume dramas in recent years, have a certain popularity. Strangely speaking, costumes are really a great “test” for male actors. Handsome Jin Dong played a role in costumes in “Langya Bang”. He sloppily pretended to persuade him to retreat from the road of costumes. On the contrary, he made Jin Dong in modern times. The elite men’s look in the play.

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In addition, even if the audience chases the film and television works to “look at the face”, it must be based on the quality of the work and the performance. The audience also expects that the series will lead a new aesthetic trend and bring more temperament to the ancient costume male god.

  Who will you nominate for the “New Four Little Flowers”, or are you blinded?

From actor to actress. Do you know who is the heroine next to the new generation of ancient costume men like Jialun, Cheng Yi, and Luo Yunxi? Although the dramas at hand are about to be one after another, their distress is probably similar to that of Li Yitong, who has always been called “body cold”. How can they be recognized by more audiences instead of being blind.

Young faces welcomed by the market have frequently appeared in the series. In 1998, Zhao Lusi became popular with the ancient costume drama “The Rumored Chen Qianqian”. The soft and cute route is very popular in the market. At the moment, not only is there a lot of drama hits, but also the costume drama starring Wu Lei and Yang Yang is still being filmed. In addition, recently, “Yu Tang Chun” starring Bai Lu, “Chou Sheng Ruo Gu” and “Life forever” with Ren Jialun are currently on the air. Sweet favorites such as “Half Honey and Half Hurt” with Luo Yunxi before. The episode aired well. Liang Jie, who debuted from the online drama “The Eternal Love”, is now the “darling” of this type of drama. “The Day That Became You”, which was co-operated with Zhang Xincheng, has also attracted attention due to the fantasy theme of the exchange of the main body of the male and female.

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There is also Ju Jingyi, who has always been in costume and beauty design. These new generation of female stars do not follow the common sense, and quickly get out of the circle with the popular design and Internet celebrity works. Different from the traditional way the little flowers burst into red, they do not have dazzling looks, and they are not even familiar with the traditional beauty of women. Some viewers have said that after watching a few of their dramas, they still can’t remember who is who. In fact, this has something to do with the characters themselves. They play or are ordinary people who are in love with overlords, big stars, etc. This kind of characters need lively and cute characters, a little transparent with a pleasing personality, not a big growth type that kills the Quartet. The heroine does not have high requirements for appearance and acting skills. For the play, choosing a generous and pleasing type is also a more cost-effective play.

Without the recognizable beauty of Liu Yifei and Di Lieba, actresses have to work hard to be remembered. Li Yitong, who has appeared in more than a dozen film and television dramas, also has a number of popular costumes, and works with first-line male protagonists. Therefore, netizens call him the female protagonist who is “not popular in Wannian”. In this regard, Li Yitong once generously ridiculed his “coldness”. In addition to appearance and acting skills, there are complex factors such as audience fate that make actors and roles successful. It is said that Zhang Zifeng, who was born in 2001, does not have outstanding looks and does not adopt beautiful feminine design, but there are many audiences who remember her through roles at the moment. For the post-95 Xiaohua, after all, the drama flow is fleeting, and it is necessary to break the routine instead of enjoying the bonus.


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