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What you have to know

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What you have to know

Patagonian Train put on sale on Friday June 2 the winter services for July, August and September in between Viedma and Bariloche. It is a journey through the steppe of Rio Negro to unite the sea and the mountains which arouses increasing interest among tourists. In it summerthe service worked with a 100% occupancy and 15% of the passengers were foreigners. And in autumn, the formations too they came out complete. Yesterday, the level of demand and consultation (including many from Chile, Brazil and Uruguay) was very high in the first moments of sale and expect to sell out the tickets for the quarter in the coming days. So now you know, if you want to go you should hurry to book.

What is the tour like and how long does it take?

From Viedma the formations leave on Fridays at 6:00 p.m. And from Bariloche, on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. (they are modified in case of holidays). The tour is from 821 kilometers.

Prices, schedules and days of departure from Viedma and Bariloche.

From the attractions of the capital of Río Negro, the historical circuit of Carmen de Patagones and the wonderful Camino de la Costa to the mountains, skiing, breweries, chocolates and adventure tourism in Bariloche, the trip is 18:28 hours on the rails that cross the Patagonian steppe to unite both destinations.

How much do the tickets that went on sale cost?

These fares are for the one-way leg only.

First for Residents: $4,500, for Non-Residents: $5,000.

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In Pullman Resident: $6,000, for Non-Residents: $6,500.

with bed Resident: $8,600 and non-resident bed: $10,000

Is considered residents to those who live in Black river.

How much does it cost to bring the car or truck

auto transport $8,905 + 1 x1000 of the declared value + VAT.

Truck transportation: $14,659 + 1×1000 of the declared value + VAT.

To buy vehicle transport you have to contact the stations Viedma, San Antonio or Bariloche. They are not sold through the page.

How to buy tickets on the Patagonian Train

To buy the tickets you have to go to the Tren Patagonico website, which reported that the tickets were on sale yesterday for July, August and September 2023 of the section from Viedma to Bariloche and from Bariloche to Viedma. And on 6/6 he will put those of the last quarter of the year.

The train crosses the Río Negro steppe.

What amenities do Pullman cars and cabins offer?

Pullman cars have the capacity to 52 passengers each have air-conditioning.

Los cabins are compartments with 2 beds each, have air conditioning. They have a capacity of 24 beds per cabin.

What luggage can be brought?

As for luggage, it is limited to a pocket, the 20 kg suitcasewith dimensions no greater than 75 x 40 x 30 cm.

What other services does the train offer?

The services have parcel wagon and dining car. Check prices on the web or the offices regarding the parcels, since the rate is very broad according to the type of shipment.

How much do car trays cost?

The transport of a car with a maximum height of 1.55 m costs $ 6500 + 1×1000 of the declared value of the vehicle + 21% VAT.

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For a vehicle with a height greater than 1.55 m it is $ 10.700 + 1×1000 of the declared value of the vehicle + VAT.

Where to buy the tickets?

Tren Patagonico reported that in addition to the website, tickets can be purchased at the stations:

Viedma: (2920) 422130
Saint Anthony: (2934) 421314
Ramos Mexia: (2934) 414046
Sierra Colorada: (2940) 495128
The Menucos: (2940) 492473

Machinchao: (2940) 491012
At. Jacobi: (2940) 432125
comallo: (2940) 493075
Pilcaniyeu: (294) 4497550
Bariloche (294) 4423172

And in the following agencies:

In Viedma:

*Monatour – Laprida 145 – Tel: 02920 422933

*Araucarias – Rivadavia No. 23 – Tel: 02920 420998

*Cost – Alem N° 8 – Tel: 02920 421912

*Free Time – Maestro Aguiar N° 280 – Tel: 02920 426200

In the caves:

*Tourism Occasion – Calle Villa Regina N° 624 – Tel: 02920 609851

In Bariloche:

*Bioceanic Tourism – St Martin 484 – Tel: 0294 4436240

*Moving Travel – Miter N° 106, oficina 3 – 0294 4800764

*Gerardo de los Cerros – Moreno N° 234 Floor 1 Office 5 – Tel: 294 4612863

*Surface Travel – Emilio Frey N° 246, 1° A – Tel: 0294 4422644

*Huiliches Turismo – Mitre N° 340, local 27 – Tel: 0294 4425374

*Natural Travel – Quaglia N° 262, local 22 – Tel: 0294 4608768

*Live Travel – Tel: 0294 4439320

In El Bolson:

**Grade 42 – Avda Belgrano N° 406 – Tel: 0294 4493124

These are the opening hours:

How to get to Viedma from Buenos Aires to travel on the Patagonian Train

In Buenos Aires, from the station Plaza constitution the services of Trenes Argentinos that were reunited depart. The interesting thing about this option is that from there You can continue by bus to Viedma (four hours). The terminal is five minutes from the train station in the capital of Río Negro.

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The objective of Tren Patagonico is to add no later than mid-May cargo services in between Bahía Blanca and Viedma as a step prior to the long-awaited return of the train trip for passengers between Buenos Aires and Bariloche.

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