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Xinmin Weekly | Whose “Manjianghong”_Criticism_Qin Hui_Scene

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Xinmin Weekly | Whose “Manjianghong”_Criticism_Qin Hui_Scene

Original title: Xinmin Weekly | Whose “Manjianghong”

Xinmin Weekly | Whose “Manjianghong”

“Good-looking” and “weak” are the “common problems” of many movies nowadays.

Author|Zhu Guoshun

Before some movies are made, you don’t even know that there are such things in the world. The box office hit “Manjianghong” can be regarded as an example.

When the climax came, Yi Yang Qianxi (one of the male protagonists) finally had the opportunity to kill “Qin Hui”, but he said boldly: “Do you think that so many people died just to kill you? Do you think so? Is it worth it? In fact, your life is worthless in their eyes.”

After ninety-nine and eighty-one hardships and countless blood spatters, what are the decent people trying to do? The answer to the riddle was surprising. It turned out that “Qin Hui” was required to recite “Manjianghong·Furious Crown” in public! Then, when the audience led the recitation and recitation, the male lead floated away contentedly as the sun set with a sense of accomplishment in saving the “intangible cultural heritage”.

It’s really a surprise that Yue Fei’s masterpiece was handed down by Qin Hui; the warriors took good care of Qin Hui, that’s a surprise.

“Who hasn’t been to junior high school?”

But if you’re serious, it’s a bit of a trap. The film seems to be based on an unedited plot, using “industrialization” to pile up fights and scenes, creating a thick “good-looking” atmosphere, so as to quickly get the box office. What the history is like may not be the focus of consideration.

“Good-looking” and “weak” are the “common problems” of many movies nowadays. The root of it is to misunderstand the enhanced expressiveness of the film brought about by “industrialization”, ignore the plot, logic, and scene, and strengthen the “earth-shattering” of “industrialization”, which has only appearance but lacks a backbone. Those movies themselves seem to be just vases used as a cover.

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Another “No Name”, the pictures and fighting scenes, especially the delicate makeup of the men and women, it can be seen that thought has been put into it. However, the “SARS”-style logic, editing, and plot structure challenged the audience’s minds so much that some commentators believed that “leading to the so-called ‘movie viewing threshold'”. Although the fragmented structure and non-linear narrative techniques bring the timeline to jump back and forth, the story is constantly reversed, and the plot is constantly subverted. It is considered by fans to echo the turmoil of the times and the “nameless” atmosphere of spy wars, but let more audiences know you. What you want to talk about should be the minimum.

I have to talk about “Taking Tiger Mountain Out of Wisdom” filmed a few years ago. A classic revolutionary history with a real person as the prototype, and the new version of the movie with names and surnames is so different from the real history of the year. The bandit suppression squad opened tanks and used weapons that might not have been used in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, and the bandit Zuo Shandiao had his own special plane. The hot scenes inside seem to have come to the set of Hong Kong martial arts movies in the 1970s and 1980s. It would be better to call “Taking Tiger Mountain Out of Wisdom” in this way, rather than “Dahuazuo Mountain Sculpture”.

The creation of film and television dramas originates from life and is higher than life. Works with a real background of the times, true, is the best respect for history; unlike, it is a particularly unacceptable shortcoming. Some “blockbuster movies” that have exploded in popularity and gained a lot of traffic in recent years, the scenes are earth-shattering, and the box office has repeatedly achieved good results, but it just makes people feel “unlike”, unlike that era, and unlike those characters. In stark contrast to this, the TV series “Crossing the Yalu River” produced by CCTV is both magnificent and realistic, making it unforgettable for a long time.

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The creation of Chinese film and television dramas has come to a great and beautiful era. Whether it is the care and support of the country, technological innovation breakthroughs, or the consumption level of the audience, it is an unprecedented good time. Artists should treat the good times well, and strive to create masterpieces that live up to the times and are worthy of the future.

It is especially important to be kind to different opinions, to listen to criticism, and to tolerate misunderstandings. Literary and artistic criticism has always been an important part of cultural development. It is very normal for artistic creations that face the society and the audience to have different opinions, different views, and different evaluations. “Giant baby” works that lack criticism are very easy to become self-entertaining and divorced from the masses. situation. When publicity is everywhere, real criticism is very precious, very rare, and very beneficial.

I remember that at an important meeting not long ago, an important leader made serious criticisms against some literary and art critics who only talked about good things but did not talk about reality. To allow literary criticism to truly play a role in promoting cultural development and inspiring the people to move forward, art workers must have a state of mind that can tolerate criticism.

In the past few days, the box office hit “Man Jianghong” has also received some different voices. The producer claimed to take legal action against the four Internet celebrities. Right and wrong, of course, there will be legal lessons. But those who compiled Yue Wumu’s masterpieces based on “Qin Hui” and those who mistook IQ for IQ, really have to be prepared for others to say something about you.

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When “Manjianghong” was brewing, it was your personal business; after it was released, it was a matter for the whole society to judge.

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