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Yang Mi Gong Jun’s “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker Moon Red” lineup officially announced the strength of the lineup to interpret the story of oriental aesthetics-Qianlong.com.cn

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Yang Mi Gong Jun’s “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker Moon Red” lineup officially announced the strength of the lineup to interpret the story of oriental aesthetics-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Yang Mi Gong Jun’s “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker Moon Red” lineup officially announced the strength of the lineup to interpret the story of oriental aesthetics

Recently, produced by iQiyi, Tencent Animation, and Stellar Gravity Media, with Dai Ying, Wang Yixu, and Zhang Yucheng as chief producers, and starring Yang Mi and Gong Jun, the lineup of “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker Moon Red” was officially announced. The exposure of some of the main characters in the series, and the strong lineup aroused heated discussions among netizens. As the head IP of Guoman, the audience for this story is quite large, and its positive values ​​such as love and protection have aroused deep resonance among many young people. How this story of traditional Chinese oriental aesthetics will be interpreted is highly anticipated by the audience.

Yang Mi and Gong Jun lead the whole lineup

Each group delicately interprets oriental love

“Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker Moon Red” mainly tells the story of Tushan Honghong (played by Yang Mi), the head of the Tushan fox clan with a righteous heart, who meets the descendant of the Dongfang family, Dongfang Moon Moon (played by Gong Jun), and gradually falls in love. In order to protect their loved ones and maintain the peace between the two races, the two lovers had to go through thousands of turns and difficulties…

The stills released this time and the group photo of the scene are the first exposure of the show’s strong lineup. In addition to the previously announced lead star Yang Mi and lead star Gong Jun, there are also actors such as Guo Xiaoting, Wei Zheming, Hu Lianxin, Wen Zhengrong, Fan Ming, Liang Chao, Huang Zhiwei, Li Yuhao, Hong Xiao, Feng Xiaotong, etc. Joining in, the strong lineup makes people full of expectations for the presentation of the series, and the characteristics of each character are fully revealed in the beautiful style.

Not only does Yang Mi play the leading role of Tu Shan Honghong, Gong Jun plays the “Moon Red Love” in the beginning of the month of the East, but the other three chapters in the drama are also starred by powerful actors of the new generation – Zhu Xudan as Butai, Yang Shize as Shi Kuan’s “Yu Yao Guo Love”, Chen Yao plays Li Jianwen, Mao Zijun plays Yan Ruyu’s “Thousand-Year Love”, Chen Douling plays Yue Tiexia, Zhang Linghe plays Hu Weisheng’s “Weisheng Love”, the first surprise for each group of CPs “Fitness”, which makes people look forward to the emotional setting of sweet and sadistic intertwining in the play. The series will tell touching emotional stories with wonderful characters, which not only fit the audience’s fantasies and needs for various love models, but also convey the classic and positive value pursuit of persistence, protection and love in the delicate and affectionate development context. , which can easily resonate with young people.

Chinese traditional culture beautifully presented

A new attempt at advanced virtual shooting technology

It is not difficult to find the epitome of traditional oriental mythological aesthetics in the audio-visual style of “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker”. While creating the content, the play skillfully presents the intangible cultural heritage in the drama. The crew used a lot of intangible cultural heritage techniques in the design of Fuhuadao, among which Suzhou embroidery, velvet, summer cloth weaving skills, Wuluo weaving skills, etc. are all reflected, which are perfectly integrated into the creation of film and television dramas, and actively inherit the excellence of China. Traditional culture shows the cultural charm of unique oriental characteristics to the public and promotes cultural self-confidence. Many netizens said: “It can be seen that the crew has put a lot of effort into it, and the details of traditional culture can be seen everywhere.” “The themes of domestic ancient costumes need the support of cultural confidence. I look forward to this drama being broadcast soon!”

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It is worth mentioning that the creation of “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker Moon Red” will be a brand-new technical attempt. Currently, the behind-the-scenes team is building a 2,400-square-meter virtual studio in Hengdian, and plans to use the most advanced virtual shooting technology in China. XR virtual production, through the combination of real-time engine image output and camera tracking, integrates real characters with virtual scenes, characters and light and shadow effects to achieve “what you see is what you get”. It even pre-processes the post-production, so that the creators of art and photography can participate in the director’s ideas in the early stage, thus saving time and cost. As the first virtual production drama series using XR in China, I believe that “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker Moon Red” will bring a brand new experience to the audience under the breakthrough of both content and production.

Explosive production team ingeniously created

Carry forward the culture and transmit the positive value pursuit

It is understood that iQiyi and Stellar Gravity Media, among the producers, have also co-produced the popular comic series “Once upon a Time There Was a Lingjian Mountain”. Stellar Gravity not only retained a large number of play tricks in the series, The relaxed and funny creative tone, and the characteristics of film and television amplify the essence of its IP, successfully hold the audience in the circle, and let the audience see the core expression other than “Xianxia”. Recently, the oriental fantasy drama “The Secret of the Orchid” has also become the most popular work on iQIYI this year. It has opened up a new line of ancient puppets in terms of content and built a very imaginative narrative space; it has won the top platform in all fields in terms of data. The list is a well-deserved “explosive” work. Such a high popularity of the whole people has also increased the current audience’s awareness of the two “explosive output machines” of iQiyi and Stellar Gravity Media, and their expectations for high-quality works are increasing day by day. This time, the preparation and creation of “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker Moon Red” may once again accurately fit the audience’s emotional concepts, so that the drama and the audience can achieve spiritual resonance on the same screen, and feel the temperature under the coat of Gao Ranman’s change. with depth.

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