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Yue Opera “New Longmen Inn” Takes Hangzhou by Storm: Tickets Sold Out, Prices Soar, and Netizens Go Crazy for “Junxiao” CP

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The Yue Opera “New Longmen Inn” has taken Hangzhou by storm, capturing the hearts of both traditional theater fans and non-traditional audiences, and causing ticket prices to skyrocket. The play, which stars the talented Chen Lijun as the suave Jia Ting, has sold out all December shows, with tickets soaring from 100 yuan to a whopping 1,000 yuan.

The popularity of the play has even led to a 10 times increase in ticket prices for the “Jun Xiao” combination shows, with some being resold for as much as 5,999 yuan. The play has also gained significant attention online, with one video of Chen Lijun and her partner Li Yunxiao accumulating nearly one billion views on Douyin.

The success of “New Longmen Inn” can largely be attributed to its appeal to non-traditional Yue Opera audiences, which account for 70% of the show’s attendees. The play’s “internet sense” and innovative “environmental” gameplay have drawn in a younger crowd, with the stage full of inn settings and interactive moments that shorten the distance between the actors and the audience.

Furthermore, the production has capitalized on its online popularity by offering a range of peripheral products, from postcards to canvas bags featuring the characters of the play. However, the drama company has issued a statement warning against infringing on their intellectual property, stating that they will take legal action against those who profit from the unauthorized use of their creative elements.

Overall, “New Longmen Inn” has managed to bridge the gap between traditional theater and modern internet culture, captivating the hearts of both young and old audiences alike. With its innovative approach and widespread appeal, the play has firmly established itself as a cultural sensation in Hangzhou.

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