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aesthetic medicine focuses on rebalancing

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aesthetic medicine focuses on rebalancing

Stings, fillers, treatments of various nature, often also used in excessive way o inappropriate: to juggle the many proposals offered by aesthetic medicine sometimes it is not easy, also because we are attracted to standards of beauty that are often unattainable and that anyway they are not suitable for everyone and for all ages. In addition to this, obsessively following i trend of the moment is in danger of becoming a problem how fashions change and overlook new canons and new styles: that’s why according to the dr. Luca Roberto De Santissurgeon and member of the Italian Scientific Society of Aesthetic Medicineaesthetic medicine must be “natural, elegant and never excessive, but able to satisfy expectations by honestly proposing the best solutions”.

AN INNOVATIVE PRODUCT: for some time now a new substance has appeared in the world of aesthetic medicine, calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), the synthetic equivalent of the inorganic constituent of teeth and bones. Approved back in 2006 by the US FDA, it has been widely used in surgery and dentistry in recent decades, and being 100% biocompatible, it does not require any allergy tests before treatment. It is an excellent beauty ally and an ideal product for the correction of facial wrinkles and furrows, including the unsightly nasogenians, i.e. the classic bilateral bracket-shaped wrinkles that appear on the sides of the mouth.

SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE AND WITHOUT AGE LIMITS: calcium hydroxyapatite induces a real tensor effect on the skin, capable of stretching and firming the tissues, acting on the quality of the skin in a simple and spontaneous way. It has an immediate corrective, filling but, above all, relaxing effect on the epidermis due to the aqueous gel in which the product microspheres are immersed and allows to obtain very natural volumetric fillings without causing swelling because, unlike the hyaluronic acid contained in common fillers , is not a hygroscopic molecule, i.e. it does not attract water. Hydroxyapatite is suitable for anyone and since, as the Dr. Luca Roberto De Santis “prevention plays a fundamental role in maintaining a fresh and youthful appearance even over time”, it is possible to perform this treatment from the age of thirty to maintain a full and toned face despite advancing age.

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STIMULATES COLLAGEN AND ELASTIN: collagen is found in the dermis, where it is produced by cells called fibroblasts. It makes up 90% of our skin, but is also present in bones, tendons and ligaments, as a fundamental component of connective tissue. As we age, collagen production progressively slows down and at a certain point the newly produced molecules are no longer sufficient to replace the old ones, which are degraded. Thanks to the calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres, the fibloblasts are stimulated in the production of collagen even when the calcium particles begin to degrade in the months following the injection, as they are metabolised by the body. Therefore, not only an immediately visible increase in volume, but also a synergistic action of skin rejuvenation, relaxation and restructuring capable of giving a more toned, smooth and soft skin, giving the face or the treated areas a decidedly younger and fresh.

MINIMAL INVASIVENESS AND NO SIGNS: even the techniques to achieve the best possible results evolve in aesthetic medicine. For these treatments, the procedure involves the use of long and very thin needles or micro-cannulae which, inserted into a single access point, allow the treatment of an entire cheek: an absolutely painless practice which does not even give the classic post-session swelling , but which can only cause a slight redness that will normally disappear within a few hours, allowing patients to immediately resume normal social and work activities without any discomfort.

LONG DURATION: another far from negligible aspect concerns the duration of the effects of this treatment. Obviously, much depends on the resorption times, which differ from person to person, on the type of skin, on the severity of the blemish, but also on environmental factors and lifestyles, which contribute to degrading the substance injected into the skin, such as sun exposure, poor nutrition and hydration level. In general, the duration varies between eight and twelve months, but to help maintain the effect and slow down reabsorption, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle, always use sunscreen when you are exposed to the sun, and in your beauty routine use cosmetic products that help the skin to stay toned and well hydrated.

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