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“After the sixth chemo I’m disaffected with food”

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“After the sixth chemo I’m disaffected with food”

Very true, Eleonora Giorgi displaces Silvia Toffanin: “I had complications”

He’s continuing his fight against pancreatic cancer, Eleonora Giorgi that today guest at Verissimo he continued to talk about his illness, the complications but above all his strength and determination in fighting it. In fact, speaking with Silvia Toffanin, the actress began: “I hope I can still come here to tell you about myself” and then added a sad confession about complications of his illness: “After the sixth chemo I also became disaffected with food. It’s really tough. Sometimes I wonder if everything will be okay. Sometimes it occurs to me that after a life in public perhaps it would be right to disappear. A part of me would like to work again while another would like to lock myself away in a convent.

Talking about his illness, then, Eleonora Giorgi he also revealed how his sons Andrea and Paolo are reacting: “I come from a very masculine family. Males are very reserved in expressing love. My children were discreet but this thing that happened broke the banks. Now they are much more involved.” And her sons, Andrea Rizzoli and Paolo Ciavarro, her daughter-in-law Clizia Incorvaia with her grandson Gabriele moved her with touching words in a video message. (Updated by Liliana Morreale)

Eleonora Giorgi, the ordeal of the disease

It couldn’t even be underlined how much she is loved Eleonora Giorgi, thanks not only to her splendid career as an actress but also to the empathetic qualities that she has always highlighted during her television appearances away from the set. Recently the affective factor was confirmed by the great closeness received for the illness found, that is, a bad one pancreatic cancer.

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Eleonora Giorgi he told about his illness generating great emotion; as trivial as it may seem, it is not easy to talk about such an important and serious pathology on live TV, especially as a public figure. The actress did not appear to be absolutely compliant, on the contrary, she immediately promised that she wanted to start the chemo cycle as soon as possible and return to TV to tell her story.

Eleonora Giorgi and the fight against pancreatic cancer: “Here’s what the doctors told me…”

In a recent interview given to the weekly New, Eleonora Giorgi she came back to talk about illnessor the pancreatic cancer found a few months ago. “The doctors told me that I have a 70% chance of having surgery and, if all goes well, to live. Otherwise, I’ll leave in a year.” These are the actress’s touching words to the magazine – reported by Libero – which clearly highlight a situation that is certainly edgy from a physical and emotional point of view.

Eleonora Giorgi he then spoke about the necessary cycle of chemotherapy to defeat the illness and on how side effects are in any case a factor that is not at all trivial in relation to everyday life. “My day is marked by a series of commitments related to the significant side effects of chemotherapy… This condition was completely unknown to me, but it is interesting in its own way.”


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