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AUSL Modena – Vignola Hospital, former CUP, work in progress

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As regards the elevators, there are 12 in total in the structure, of which 10 are functioning; in the event of blockages – an event that can occur in any building equipped with lifts – the maintenance service intervenes promptly to restore them. Furthermore, two new lifts have already been ordered to replace the non-functioning ones, and the Local Health Authority will carry out the installation as soon as they are delivered. Unfortunately, supplier times do not depend on the Company and are affected by the known shortages of raw materials spread throughout the national territory.

As for the situation of the hospital, it has never been “divided in half”, as the former CUP construction site only suspends internal communication between the outpatient clinic and the hospital itself, structures which are however different in terms of functions and users and which have always had also separate entrances. The remaining works, after the termination by the previous company (for reasons independent of the Company’s operations), have been subject to redesign: preliminary meetings are underway with the company entrusted with the framework agreement for the works – also announced for this intervention – in order to entrust its execution at the end of the necessary investigations and procedures for recovery.
Nonetheless, the routes for operators and patients have always been maintained and the activities have never been suspended, thanks to the extensive collaboration of all the staff; the Local Health Authority apologizes to citizens for the inconveniences in accessing the facility.

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The Company is constantly working on multiple fronts, both in relation to the maintenance of the structures and in relation to its professionals, whose safety is and will continue to be one of the priority objectives.

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