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Bus Flixbus crashes into the void on the A16 motorway: one dead and numerous injured on the Naples-Canosa

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Bus Flixbus crashes into the void on the A16 motorway: one dead and numerous injured on the Naples-Canosa

Bus collides with car, flips over and falls into the void. The provisional balance of a serious road accident involving a Flixbus bus on the A16 Naples-Canosa stretch of road is one dead and at least fifteen injured (including two seriously). , a bus of faithful crashed into the viaduct and 40 people were killed.

Today’s tragedy, Sunday 4 June, took place around 4 in the night in the section towards Naples, near the municipality of Vallesaccardaat km 101. The bus in question carried 38 passengers (including the two drivers) and, according to an initial reconstruction, ended up in an escarpment following a maxi rear-end collision after the initial accident involving three cars and causing death of a person.

The firefighters of Grottaminarda and Bisaccia and Avellino are at work on site with a mobile crane. The wounded were transported to Avellino, Benevento, Ariano Irpino and other hospitals. An air ambulance was also at the scene of the accident. Firefighters are lifting the bus to recover any other passengers.

The Flixbus had departed from Lecce and was directed to Rome Tiburtina. The bus was recovered by the firefighters of Avellino, Bisaccia and Grottaminarda during operations coordinated by the provincial commander Mario Bellizzi. Firefighters are scouring the crash area to check for other passengers who may have been thrown out the windows.

From the first reconstructions it seems that, after the accident between the cars – in which a motorist died – the oncoming coach hit one of the vehicles stationary on the road and then ended its run by overturning at the right-hand escarpment.

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THE TESTIMONY – “They were all sleeping, I think. What woke us up was the violent braking and then the bang, when we collided with cars, before ending up in the escarpment,” one of the bus passengers told the Ansa agency. The man has a bad bruise on his shoulder. The bus left Lecce yesterday at 11pm and should have arrived at the Tiburtina station in the capital at 7am. Passengers who have been transferred to the hospital or gymnasium in Grottaminarda where the doctors of the Avellino center are reporting them one by one. Some have collars, others have bandages on their limbs, but nothing more.

THE PREVIOUS – On 28 July 2013, 40 people from Pozzuoli (Naples) fell from the “Acqualonga” viaduct of the A16 Naples-Canosa, in the municipality of Monteforte Irpino, in the province of Avellino. The cause of the accident would have been a failure that would have deactivated the braking system of the bus while it was traveling down the motorway section. The driver tried in every way to slow down the vehicle, which had traveled over a million kilometres, approaching the barriers of the viaduct which, however, failed, causing the bus to fall from a height of thirty metres. Thirty-eight people died instantly, two in the following days. Ten survivors.

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