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Can you use cola against moss in lawns and stones?

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You have often read about this drink in connection with your homework. It is said to effectively remove rust, limescale and burnt-in deposits, as well as toilets, windows and even concrete. Does it prove equally effective in the garden? Can Cola help against moss in the lawn?

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The many rainy days have done it again: the lawn is covered in patches of moss that make it look pretty unkempt. And you’ve invested so much time and effort into lawn care! How do you get moss out of your lawn without damaging it too? Cola, which many of us already have in the fridge, is said to reliably destroy it. But is that really true?

It’s the combination in the shower that makes it!

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Caffeine, carbon dioxide and small amounts of phosphoric acid are the miracle cures in the drink that prove to be so helpful in the household. And these are exactly what help in the garden, in our case with moss.

The extent to which the product will be effective also depends on the amount of moss on the lawn. If it is heavily overgrown, even cola spray won’t be able to help you and you should use a scarifier, for example. However, for individual, small areas.

Remove moss quickly, easily and reliably

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If a deposit has formed on stones or even in joints, you can remove this moss with Cola. All you have to do is dip a suitable sponge into the shower and rub and clean the surfaces in circular movements. If the coating is very stubborn or is on a very rough surface that would shred the sponge, you can also use a brush.

A big plus point is that using cola to eliminate moss and weeds also has a preventive effect and thus delays re-infestation.

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Note: The brown cola drink can have a coloring effect. The probability is very low. However, it is better not to use it to clean light-colored stones and surfaces. You could also first carry out a test in a place that is not so visible.

Can you use cola against moss in the lawn?

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It is therefore possible to remove moss from stones with Cola. So far so good, but what about the lawn now? Yes, the product can also be used here, but of course not with scrubbing and brushing.

In this case, it is best to use a spray bottle with which you can work at specific points and treat specific moss areas. You need (and should) have the drink for this purpose not dilute, but use directly. Simply spray the affected areas and let the product do its work.

If the moss pads are thicker, you can also pour the drink directly onto the area.

You can find more tips on how to remove moss from your lawn here.

Practical side effect of Cola against moss in the lawn

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Since the liquid is very sugary and sweet (as you know), using it in the garden may well attract some beneficial insects, which in turn will also benefit your vegetable and fruit plants. The cola drink is not a particularly good insect food, but at least it acts as an attractant. And the insects ultimately find the right food in your garden.

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