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Serie B blue gym: 28 of Spalletti’s 43 squad played in the cadetteria

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Serie B blue gym: 28 of Spalletti’s 43 squad played in the cadetteria

The Italian national team’s recent success has been attributed to the talent developed in Serie B, according to a report by Il Corriere dello Sport. The report highlights that 28 out of the 43 players called up by coach Luciano Spalletti have previously played in the cadetteria, emphasizing the importance of the league as a springboard for players to progress to Serie A and the national team.

The report states, “The cadet tournament is therefore confirmed as the right springboard both for being purchased by top-class Serie A clubs and for obtaining call-ups and appearances for the senior national team. Therefore, a real propellant of our movement which now more than ever needs a gym to renew itself and become competitive again at all levels.”

Among the players who have made the transition from Serie B to the national team, Lazio goalkeeper Ivan Provedel has had the most extensive history in the cadetteria, having played in five tournaments with different clubs. Additionally, notable attackers who have risen from Serie B include Ciro Immobile, who was the top scorer in the 2011/12 season with 38 goals, as well as Berardi, Scamacca, and El Shaarawy, who have also made significant contributions in Serie B before moving on to achieve success at higher levels.

The report’s findings underscore the significance of Serie B as a crucial training ground for developing talent and nurturing future stars of Italian football. As the national team continues to draw from Serie B for talented players, the league’s role in shaping the future of Italian football becomes increasingly evident.

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