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Careggi case, drugs to block puberty, the minister: «Ensure safety» – breaking latest news

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Careggi case, drugs to block puberty, the minister: «Ensure safety» – breaking latest news

Minister of Health Investigates Controversial Treatment for Dysphoric Minors

The Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, has taken swift action to address concerns raised about the center for dysphoric minors at Careggi in Florence. Last week, Schillaci sent inspectors to the hospital with an “urgent” mandate following an appeal from lawyer and minors’ law expert, Annamaria Bernardini de Pace.

The lawyer expressed fears about the health and safety of the children receiving treatment at the Careggi department, where a drug that blocks healthy puberty is being administered to minors who have just started puberty. The Minister of Health expressed agreement with the lawyer’s concerns, emphasizing the importance of ensuring prudence and patient safety in the treatment of minors.

In response to the appeal, Schillaci has requested documents from the health management of the Aou Careggi of Florence in order to carry out detailed investigations into the matter. The lawyer has also filed a complaint with the Florence prosecutor’s office and plans to present further complaints to the juvenile courts of Florence, Rome, and Milan.

The complaint raises questions about the operations of the Careggi department and the use of the drug that blocks puberty. It also calls into question the diagnosis and multidisciplinary approach required before administering the drug, as well as the authorization process for its off-label use.

Despite the concerns raised, the regional council rejected a motion to bring the department’s doctors to a hearing, with the councilor for health, Simone Bezzini, failing to attend the hearing. However, a group of 80 feminists has joined the call for Minister Schillaci to take action, expressing opposition to the use of the drug and demanding timely control of all the structures operating in the field.

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Minister Schillaci has vowed to put an end to the “Wild West” approach to the issue and is working on drafting guidelines to ensure the scientific, supportive, and diligent operation of dysphoria centers. As the investigation unfolds, the focus remains on ensuring the safety and well-being of the minors receiving treatment at the Careggi department in Florence.

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