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cyclone Maneskin, does Lazza move, does Grignani blaspheme? Mengoni show, he is still first [La Diretta]

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cyclone Maneskin, does Lazza move, does Grignani blaspheme?  Mengoni show, he is still first [La Diretta]

Sanremo Music Festival 2023

2:10 – The GENERAL RANKING after the third day of the Sanremo Festival 2023

Marco Mengoni


Mr. Rain




Rosa Chemical

Colapesce Dimartino


10° Georgia

Eleventh place for Coma_Cose, twelfth for Gianluca Grignani, followed by Modà, Paola & Chiara, LDA, Ariete, Articolo 31, Mara Sattei, Leo Gassmann. Twentieth position for Mara Sattei, Leo Gassmann, Colla Zio, Levante, Cugini di Campagna, twenty-fifth place for GianMaria followed by Olly, Anna Oxa, Will and Shadi. Last place for Sethu

1:45 – All the singers in the competition have proposed their songs on this third evening of the Festival and we are only waiting for the arrival of the charts.

– After the gods show Fashion with the song “Leave me” it is the turn of the last singer of the 28 in the race. Will gives Amadeus the Manchester United scarf and then sings his song entitled “Stupid”.

– We are now running out of this third evening of the Sanremo Festival 2023. They sing Ours with “Lost Causes”, then Shari -with his song “Selfish” and GianMaria with “Monster”. Now only the last two singers are missing.1:00Aries with the “Sea of ​​troubles” written together with Calcutta, this time he is on stage with his inseparable hat.00:34 – I Countryside cousins with their “Letter 22” written by the List Representative they preceded Olly. Now it’s up to Anna Oxa.00:21 – There are rumors on social networks of a possible blasphemy of Gianluca Grignani on the stage of the Ariston. The singer immediately denied via a video with these words “I said ‘Take away’, that’s all“. 00.06 – It’s the turn of Leo Gassman with the song “Terzo Cuore” written by the Tactical Penguins. And he impresses all the public and even his father Alessandro Gassman.

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23:49 i come Like Things with their beautiful song “The Goodbye”.

– It’s a super standing ovation from the Ariston after the song by Marco Mengonimomentarily at the top of the standings. The title of the song “Two Lives”.

22:25 – There’s news from behind the scenes of a quarrel between two singers. At the moment there is no further news on the possible big players involved. READ HERE

23:20 –
Back on stage Paola Egonu what a beautiful cheek to cheek with Gianni Morandi, before announcing the entry of the Colla Zio.

23:15 – It’s the turn of Georgia with “Parole ditte male” and tonight there is a greater involvement than in his first release. Beautiful voice and great interpretation.
23:04Amadeus jokes with a Milan supporter of the group of children who are part of the choir of Mr Rain. The the artist’s song is titled “Superheroes”.
22:45 – While Elodie goes on stage with her song “Due”.22:30 – 10:37 pm Gianni Morandi announces Annalisa in external connection from piazza Colombo with his hit “Bellissima”.

22:16 – After the wonderful song of Madamethe most awaited moment of the evening arrives with the arrival of Saint John who will sing “Fatti mandare dalla Mamma” together with Gianni Morandi.
22.00 – The time has come Maneskin. Damiano, Vittora, Ethan and Thomas drive the audience at the Ariston literally crazy with a medley of their songs and covers

The sixth singer Lazzaafter singing his song “Cenere”, receives the bouquet of flowers from Sanremo and descends into the audience to give it to his mother.
21:30 – It’s the long-awaited moment of the entrance of Paola Egonu who greets the public by introducing himself and telling that the passion for volleyball. The champion announces the entrance of the new artist Lift up, fifth singer his song: “Vivo”.
21:20Gianluca Grignani block the music because it has sound problems And he says “At fifty I understood how to do it, at twenty I didn’t“, he says referring to the now famous unpleasant episode of Blanco.21:12 Gianluca Grignani interrupts the song during the performance at the Ariston. Amadeus has “When you’re out of breath” repeat again. The artist brings out all of himself, interpreting a vintage leather song.21:05 – It’s time for one of the great awaited especially among the very young, Rosa Chemical with the song “Made in Italy”.21:00 – Second singer in the competition, Mara Sattei with “Two thousand minutes”.20:54 – We start with the first performance of the evening with Paula and Clare who bring their song “Furore” to the Ariston.20:45 – E’ Gianni Morandi to enter solo on the Ariston stage presenting Amadeus entering direct Instagram with his personal smartphone.

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The third night of the Sanremo Music Festival 2023 of Thursday 9 February 2023, will finally see all 28 big names in the race on stage. Opening the performances will be Paola and Chiara, who closed yesterday night with their song “Furore“, and they will re-propose this evening in the very first evening, while the last singer will be the very young Will with his single “Stupid“.

The most awaited guests are definitely the Maneskin, returning from the resounding worldwide success. The group will perform on the Ariston stage and receive an award from the City of Sanremo. But there will also be Peppino of Capri which will receive recognition from the Ligurian city. It is great anticipation then for the duet by Gianni Morandi with Sangiovanni on the notes of “Get sent by mom“. In the finale, the performance of Annalisa song Suzuki stage, e Gué Pequeno unleashed by the Costa Smeralda. Amadeus will kick off the Festivals starting at 8.40pm about. Don’t miss all the live updates and the most exciting videos.

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