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Direct Juve-Inter 1-1: Lukaku equalized

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Direct Juve-Inter 1-1: Lukaku equalized

It all happens in the final minutes. A very close match between Juventus and Inter, valid for the first leg of Italian Cupwhich is unlocked only in the final minutes with the goal of Square and then comes the draw of Luke. Both teams didn’t lose their balance until the last twenty minutes of the match when the black and whites showed more lucidity. Instead, in the first half it was Inzaghi’s team that had the most important chances, one above all that of Brozovich that face to face with Very central kick. In the first phase of the second half of the game, the two teams study each other up to the siege of Juve and the advantage signed by Cuadrado. Rabiot’s ball at the far post was splendid for the Colombian who made no mistake in front of Handanovic. Twenty seconds from the end, there is a handball by Bremer in the area and Massa awards the penalty. From the disk Luke not wrong and goes to provoke the Juventus fans. The reaction of the black and white players was immediate, causing a hint of a brawl even after the triple whistle. Now the next round will be decided at San Siro in the return match scheduled for 26 April.


Tense nerves in the finale

Very tense end of the match for a spat between Handanovich e Square. After a hint of a brawl with both teams stopping their respective players, the reds arrived for both of them who will miss the second leg. The Colombian would have already missed the return match after the yellow card taken in the match since he was warned.


90′ +3′ – The match ends

The match between Juventus and Inter ends 1-1 with goals from Cuadrado and Lukaku.


90′ +3′ – Draw Inter

With 20 seconds to go, Massa awarded Inter the penalty after a handball by Bremer. From the diskette it shows up Luke who scores and rejoices under the curve of the Juventus fans and is also first booked and then sent off.


90′ – Lukaku dangerous

Nice insertion by Correa in the area who gives the ball to Lukaku. The Belgian kicks a few meters from Perin but there is the miraculous sliding intervention of Locatelli who rejects.


83′ – Cuadrado unlocks it

Juan Cuadrado will take care of unlocking the game. Great ball from Rabiot at the far post for the Colombian who puts it in all alone.

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77′ – Juve opportunity

Nice ball from Danilo for da Rabiot who evades the double marking, Kostic’s cross is blocked. The ball reaches Cuadrado who on the fly puts it in the middle of a low shot for Milik who narrowly misses the ball.


67′ – Double substitution for Inter

Dzeko exits, Lukaku enters. Dimarco exits and Robin Gosens enters.


65′ – Double substitution for Juve

Double change for Juventus: Miretti enters for Fagioli. Chiesa enters, an ovation for him, and Di Maria exits, visibly angry.


63′ – Restart Inter

Inter very close to the advantage: Dzeko starts again who puts it in the middle for Darmian who impacts it badly. The Nerazzurri and Mkhitaryan remain in attack


58′ – Juve opportunity

Ball in the Locatelli area for Fagioli who gives it to Vlahovic. The attacker was unable to turn around and swept the Nerazzurri defence.


51′ – Backing vocals for Del Piero

As in the match against Hellas Verona, the black and white curve dedicates several chants for Alessandro Del Piero in the stands again today.


48′ – Vlahovic tries

Slightly oversized cross from Locatelli at the far post for Vlahovic who dives but sends it high.


46′ – The second half begins

Juventus and Inter are back on the pitch for the second half of the Coppa Italia semi-final first leg. It starts again from 0-0 in the first half of the game


45′ + 1′ – The first half ends

After a minute of added time, the first half of the match between Juventus and Inter ends in a draw.


45′ – Bremer closes on Dimarco

Dimarco enters the area but one to one with Perin comes Bremer’s great closure in a slide.


37′ – Chance for Juve

Nice ball from Beans for Vlahovic’s head. The Serbian gets rid of the marking but shoots it centrally. Handanovic blocks it.


32′ – Great opportunity for Inter

Great play in the area by Dzeko who gets rid of the marking and gives it out of the area for Brozovic who puts it in the center all by himself. Easy rejected for Perin.


29′ – Di Maria from a free kick, anticipates Acerbi

Foul by Brozovic on Rabiot: Massa concedes the free kick from the frontline. Di Maria goes on the serve looking for Bremer’s head but sweeps Acerbi.

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24′ – Corner for Juve

Beats Cuadrado after Bastoni puts her in a corner. Nice ball for Vlahovic who, however, fails to impact the ball with his right foot.


17′ – Inter attack

Game for the moment at a very slow pace. Inter round the ball outside the penalty area with Juve covering the spaces well and relying on the counterattacks by Vlahovic and Di Maria


4′ – Juventus counterattack

Counterattack for the Juventus primed on axis Locatelli-Vlahovic. Ball which then comes to Of Mariaan Inter defender jumps, kicks but Handanovich deflects it for a corner kick. Nothing done on the corner.


2′ – Corner kick for Inter

Darmian shows up on the corner looking for a short solution for Dimarco who puts it in the middle but sweeps Locatelli


1′ – Juve-Inter begins

Kick-off at the Allianz Stadium, it’s on Juve-Inter. First possession for the Nerazzurri.


Inter, Marotta’s words

for theInter in the pre-partota the CEO spoke Beppe Marotta. “You come out of this period with compactness and togetherness. They are the best therapies. The coach is rightly the leader of the group. We still have faith in Inzaghi, a multi-year relationship. Today we are faced with three different goals and tonight we play a lot. We have discontinuous performances in the league and we need to find continuity here. This team and this coach have made an important journey. For us, imagining outside the Champions League means reviewing all plans. All the management is compact with the team. When the opponent is of a high level, the players charge themselves, while when you go to play in the league against those who are on paper inferior to you, you have everything to lose and little to gain. Allegri was good at managing a very difficult period for the club.”


Juve, Allegri: “We are growing”

Massimiliano spoke to the microphones of Mediaset Infinity Allegri: We play against a really strong team. It will be a complicated game, we’ll play for the pass in two games. We have to be careful and play with great respect and humility. We are growing. This is one of the first decisive games in April, then we will have four. We aim to fill the month of May with games. I expect a lot from everyone, not just Vlahovic. He had already played a good game against Inter in the league. We have to isolate ourselves from the off-field context”.


Inter, Gosens speaks

Also Robin Gosens intervened in the pre-match: “We have to be positive, it’s a fundamental game that can change our situation. We have to be united to achieve an important result and recover for the next races which will be even more important. The voices are always there. Here at Inter we always have to win. But we’ve all made the mess. Above all, the fans deserve the Inter we all know.”


Juve, the words of Locatelli

In the pre-match to the microphones of Mediaset Infinity he spoke Manuel Locatelli: “We only think about the pitch, we get paid for that. We have to sweat for this shirt.”


How much earns who wins the Italian Cup

The one between Juventus e Inter it will be an important match not only on a sporting level, but also for that economic. How much does the winner earn Italian Cup? Click HERE to find out

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Juve-Inter, the official formations

JUVENTUS (3-5-1-1): Perin; Gatti, Bremer, Danilo; Cuadrado, Fagioli, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Of Maria; Vlakhovic. Coach: Massimiliano Allegri.

INTER (3-5-2): Handanovic; D’Ambrosio, Acerbi, Bastoni; Darmian, Barella, Brozovic, Mkhitaryan, Dimarco; Dzeko, Lautaro. Coach: Simone Inzaghi


Del Piero returns to the Stadium

He was reviewed atAllianz Stadium in the last championship match won againstHellas Verona. Ma Alex Del Piero he has decided to extend his stay in Turin and to reappear in front of those who will always be his fans. Click here for details


Coppa Italia, the path of Juve and Inter

The team of Allegri reaches his fourth semifinal of Italian Cup consecutive after eliminating Monza in the round of 16 and Lazio in the quarter-finals. while theInterreigning champion of the trophy, first eliminated Parma then Atalanta with a narrow victory at the San Siro.


Soon Juve and Inter will be on the field

Kick-off is almost there Juventus-Inter, match valid for the semi-final first leg of the Coppa Italia. Kick-off scheduled at the Allianz Stadium at 21.

Torino – Allianz Stadium

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