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Five genius baby oil beauty hacks you should know

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Five genius baby oil beauty hacks you should know

Baby oil is a true all-rounder and can do a lot more than just care for the buttocks of babies. We present five beauty hacks for which the oil can be used wonderfully.

Baby oil can do much more than care for the sensitive skin of newborns and infants. Because the ingredients it contains are also gentle on our skin. Apart from the caring properties, this ingenious and at the same time inexpensive product is also versatile and therefore a real beauty game changer. One that we no longer want to be without in our cosmetics cabinet. Here we tell you what baby oil can do:

Makes skin soft even in winter: It is best to apply to damp skin

We don’t need to mention at this point that the all-rounder supplies our skin with moisture. However, the “how”: Apply a few drops of the baby oil to the still damp skin immediately after the shower. As a result, the moisture is channeled into the skin and this – even in winter! – provided with care for a long time. This makes it as soft as, well, a baby’s bottom.

Remove baby oil for makeup

If you don’t have any make-up remover to hand – we don’t, by the way, deliberately – you can use baby oil instead. It is best to massage the product directly into the skin of your face and then wash it off again. Alternatively, you can soak a cotton pad in it and wipe it gently over your complexion.

The perfect shaving foam substitute

Anyone who prefers to use a wet razor will be furious that they didn’t find out about this hack much sooner. If you use baby oil instead of shaving foam, the blade glides gently over the hairs, almost as if by magic. And because the product protects us from skin irritation, our legs are not only smooth afterwards, but also anything but reddened. Instead of using a special lotion, go back to baby oil afterwards.

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Against chapped lips

Not only rough areas like the elbows and heels, but also brittle lip skin you get back into shape with the all-purpose weapon. For the DIY scrub, mix 1 tablespoon of baby oil with 1/2 tablespoon of brown granulated sugar. Then apply the mass in circular movements to the mouth area and wipe it off with a damp cloth. Repeat the lip scrub once or twice a week.

tame eyebrows

To tame unruly brows, dip a clean mascara brush in baby oil and comb through stubborn hairs. This will tame them like magic. Speaking of mascara: If your tube should ever be empty, a drop of baby oil will help. Then close, shake, apply and batter your eyelashes.

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