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Flu recovery? With natural remedies you can recover quickly

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Last week I gave you some preventative advice for the flu, while this one I will give you some tips to use in post-flu convalescence to quickly recover energy and avoid after-effects that could lengthen healing times both physically and mentally.

After days of high fever, headache, cough, runny nose and leg pain and fatigue, the acute moment is certainly over, but once completely healed, the body needs a little more time to regain vitality. and the form it had before the disease. The feeling of being without energy and feeling weak and soft, however, can be remedied, how? Time, patience, precautions, but, above all, all natural aids that without side effects restore the energy needed to get back on track in the best shape.

After having overcome a severe flu or a major viral infection, the organism remains weakened and fragile, therefore, forcing recovery and expecting to return to full capacity immediately is really to be avoided.

Rather, it is necessary to plan a slow and gradual recovery starting first from a healthy and balanced diet, hydrating as much as possible, avoiding unnecessary efforts and staying at home for a few more days to avoid relapses and, given that all flu viruses represent pathologies highly debilitating and which can lead to tiredness and weakness as well as a drop in mood for a long time, integrating the most suitable natural remedies decisively supports the path of convalescence.

It must certainly be borne in mind that those who have contracted particularly severe viral forms could complain of discomfort even for a couple of months and this indicates the need to help themselves with natural products for as long as necessary for recovery, given that with drugs if the timing if they get longer, you risk having side effects that would cause more harm than good. But let’s go step by step and begin to see how to recover energy through nutrition.

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Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the basis for restoring vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but equally important in terms of energy are the easy-to-digest complex carbohydrates such as rice, barley, spelled, quinoa and wholemeal pasta. As proteins, white and lean meats and fish are fine, while those who prefer vegetables then very well legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, beans and peas. Eggs also have a precise energy value in convalescence as they are rich sources of B vitamins essential for recovery.

Obviously, a simple type of cuisine should be preferred, avoiding dishes that are too elaborate and abundant, in order not to excessively strain the body’s metabolism. reactivate the perception. Another tip is to drink plenty of liquids, in the form of water, natural fruit juices, centrifuges or extracts, vegetable broth, tea and herbal teas, possibly hot or at room temperature, in order to guarantee the body the right hydration. are some essential macronutrients to take, to rebalance an organism weakened by the disease. Vitamins such as C and those of group B, essential to strengthen the weakened immune system but also to keep mood high, minerals but also antioxidants such as vitamin E which regenerates cells protecting them from aging. It is essential to take at least probiotics for 3 weeks in order to rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora and above all to use a precious ally that makes the immune response to infections faster and more effective, thus reducing both the duration and intensity of symptoms: vitamin D.

In fact, it is not always feasible to be able to take the right doses of what is needed only by food, so it is better to use, at a time when you are obviously underdosed, supplements such as a multivitamin, which includes all the essential vitamins for the body in daily quantities. recommended; a multimineral, which brings all those essential nutrients to prevent any deficiencies of necessary minerals; Royal jelly, an excellent tonic rich in vitamins, mineral salts and all the nutrients present in nature, namely lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and enzymes; and finally Rosa canina and Echinacea, very valid plants rich in immunostimulating active ingredients perfect for all ages. Considering that Covid in particular generates a considerable inflammatory activity, taking bromelain, one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories that nature gives us, through pineapple extract tablets, will allow to lower precisely that inflammatory state that would otherwise keep the various ailments “on” And finally a true holy hand comes to us from taking liquid extract of chlorophyll, defined as “vegetable blood” because it has a chemical formula almost identical to human hemoglobin and, precisely because of this affinity, it can be used as a tonic for the organism. Its important support action has been widely demonstrated to counteract physical and mental fatigue thanks to its cell regenerator properties, and in convalescence it allows you to have that extra boost for a fast and complete recovery.

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“Man has received from nature the ability to destroy health and to preserve it” (Paracelsus) … and let’s dedicate ourselves to preserving it by following the advice of nature!



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