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from the Spanish to Covid, 110 years old and not hearing them

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Giuseppa Salerno, born in 1911, is in excellent health and has the breath to sing with the lightheartedness of a child. A record-breaking grandmother who lives in Naples and who turned 110 yesterday: she also received special greetings from the mayor Luigi De Magistris.

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The first Neapolitan citizen went to visit grandmother Giuseppa in her house in the Sanità district, wishing her best wishes and giving her a bouquet of flowers and the keys to the city. “It seemed right to pay homage to her for the long life she had,” explained De Magistris. The whole neighborhood celebrated for this 100-year-old girl, who yesterday was surrounded by the affection of her very large family: five children, 24 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren. The daughter-in-law, Maria Esposito, assured: “She is healthy as a fish, she worked up to 94 years and every morning she goes down the stairs to the mezzanine where her bedroom is”. Among colored balloons and a huge cake, grandmother Giuseppa also performed singing a song.

When she was born, on June 17, 1911, the king was Vittorio Emanuele III and the Prime Minister Giovanni Giolitti. A few months later Italy would fight in Libya and four years later it would enter the First World War. When Giuseppa turned 29, Italy had just entered the Second World War, then this 100-year-old super-grandmother would also have witnessed the reconstruction, experiencing the most important news stories of the last century and even two pandemics: the Spanish and now Covid.

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