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Great adherence to the FAD e-learning series on infectious risk – Health

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Great adherence to the FAD e-learning series on infectious risk – Health

The Emilia-Romagna Region promotes transversal strategies of good healthcare and clinical practices, to reduce the spread of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms, combat and limit healthcare-related infections (HAI) and the spread of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms (AMR).

The Innovation Sector of the health and social services of the Emilia-Romagna Region, with the collaboration of the Health Trusts, the Collective Prevention and Public Health Sector, the Hospital Assistance Sector, the Territorial Assistance Sector and the methodological support of the Training function, he conceived and coordinated the regional FAD e-learning series “Government of the infectious risk related to assistance activities”.

What purposes

Promotes the awareness of the importance of managing infectious risk providing a minimum standard of knowledge shared at regional level. Specifically it means:

  • Favor the dissemination of knowledge and skills necessary for the adoption of measures to combat AMR as envisaged in the National Prevention Plan (PNP) 2020-2025, and in the National Plan to combat antimicrobial-resistance (PNCAR) 2022-2025, through a multi-sectoral approach “one health”.
  • Hold up the training activity of the Companies, as required in the Emilia-Romagna Regional Prevention Plan (PRP) 2021-2025.
  • Strengthen the preparation (preparedness) in the sector of infection prevention and control as envisaged in the national strategic-operational plan for preparation and response to an influenza pandemic (PanFlu 2021-2023).

Some participation data

In 2022 the first two courses were made available on the E-llaber platform, which were attended by:

  • 6282 students in Course 1 – Infectious risk and antimicrobial resistance for newly hired personnel: the prevention of infectious risk –
  • 4442 students in Course 2 – The prevention of healthcare associated infections
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In January 2023 443 students took part in course 1 and 228 in course 2. Course 3 – Antimicrobial stewardship is available from 1 Februarywhile course 4 – Synergies and integrations between risk management and infectious risk will be available from March 2023.

How to participate

The single courses of the FAD e-learning series are available on the web platform e-work can log into:

  • All personnel of public health agencies using company credentials
  • Staff affiliated with the Regional Health Service (GPs and PLS) using Progetto Sole credentials
  • Employees of private facilities with SPID (public digital identity)

Who is it for?

The series provides for a diversified use of the courses according to themes and recipients:

  • Course 1 Basicaddressed to all newly hired health and non-health personnel, including personnel assigned to cleaning and transporting patients, both for hospital and territorial settings.
  • Corso 2, 3, 4 Advancedfor all healthcare professionals working in regional public and private healthcare facilities and for staff affiliated with the regional healthcare system (SSR).

The FAD e-learning series is accredited by provider by the University Hospital of Modena, as per legislation for continuing education (ECM).

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