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Hamas: “Agreement possible, but we don’t know how many hostages are alive.” Resignations of Israeli army spokespersons denied

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Hamas: “Agreement possible, but we don’t know how many hostages are alive.”  Resignations of Israeli army spokespersons denied

A source of Hamas gives hope to those who hope for one truce to Gaza: the first weekend of Ramadan it might be the right one. After days of attempts, approaches and failures in the dialogue between Israel and the armed Palestinian party on a halt to the raids on Gaza in exchange for an agreement on hostagesil Wall Street Journal cites a voice from within the Islamist group according to which the goal of a ceasefire before the holy month for Muslims, which begins on March 10, seems difficult to achieve, but a truce may be achieved the following week. Also according to the mediators of Egypt, Qatar e United States there have been “significant progress“, as reported by local media. But Hamas freezes everyone by declaring that “it is impossible to know exactly who is still alive” among the hostages.

The statements came from the Hamas political official, Basim Naimwho speaking from Istanbul in an interview with Bbc said the organization cannot provide Israel with a list of the hostages still alive because he doesn’t know who is alive and where everyone is. “Until now we have not presented any list – said Naim -, but first of all, technically and practically, it is now impossible to know exactly who is still alive and who was killed due to Israeli bombing or who was killed by starvation due to the Israeli blockade.” The hostages, he added, “are found in zone diverseheld by different groups and so we asked for a cease-fire to be able to collect information.”

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Every day without a deal means more Palestinian deaths under Israel’s bombs. In the night between Sunday and Monday, a raid by Tel Aviv hit the refugee camp of Noseiratin the center of the Gaza Strip, as well as in the areas of Sheikh Zayed e Tal Al-Zaatar, in the north of the enclave. At least 12 people were killed in these raids which, according to the Israeli army, also led to the death of an important Hamas exponent in the “central camps” of the Strip, Mahmoud Muhammad Abed Haz, involved in raising funds for military activity and recruiting new militiamen for the Zeitoun neighborhood battalion. The Idf they released a short video showing the moment of the attack on his car.

The bombs of the ‘Jewish State’ also continued to strike Rafahthe city in the extreme south of the Strip, on the border with Egypt, where around 2 million displaced people have gathered. At least 7 people died in the raids and many others were injured, according to local medical sources, after the attack on a house.

From the Israeli war cabinet, however, they continue to say that the conflict will not stop until Hamas is totally eradicated. This time, it is the Minister of Defense who reiterates the concept, Yoav Gallant: “There is no one to help terrorists, it’s just a question of deciding what to deal with first and what then. We will not end this war without eliminating Hamas.” TO Washington However, they do not seem to appreciate this intransigent attitude, even if for the moment support for Tel Aviv has never been denied, if it is true that Joe Biden he refused to speak on the phone to the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the Israeli Defense Forces attack on Palestinians queuing to receive humanitarian aid north of Gaza, as reported Sky News Arabia.

It is also worth checking what the climate is within the army after almost 5 months of war. In the early morning of Monday the news circulated a wave of resignations in the IDF spokesperson’s unit, with Daniel Hagari leaving the post along with other close collaborators: Colonel Butbulthe colonel Moran Katz and the international spokesperson, Lieut Richard Hecht. They would have been behind the resignation “operational and personal” reasons. Ma Al Jazeerawhich relaunched the news of Channel 14, then had to retract it: “An earlier story – they wrote in X – cited an Israeli report that senior members of the Israeli army spokesperson’s unit, including spokesperson Daniel Hagari, had resigned. This is not correct and we have withdrawn it.”

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