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Healthcare. The former Sant’Anna returns to the city center

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Healthcare.  The former Sant’Anna returns to the city center

Thirty million euros have been allocated for the overall redevelopment of the Community House of San Rocco Citadel in Ferrara, marking a significant investment in the heart of the city. The ambitious project aims to renew and enhance an important part of Ferrara, located on the Giovecca course.

During an inspection on Friday, March 15th, the Ferrara Ausl general management discussed the progress of the construction sites, which are funded by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan as well as extra resources from Pnrr. Monica Calamai, director of the ASL, led the visit, which included various officials and health professionals from the Municipality of Ferrara.

Calamai emphasized the project’s importance for the population of Ferrara and highlighted that citizens have already started to benefit from services included in the Citadel. The future plans aim to create a city area that excels in healthcare, responding to the timely analysis of citizens’ health needs.

Several construction sites were visited during the inspection, including the Territorial Operations Centre, the Community House, and the venues for the first Community hospital in Ferrara. The extensive renovation and redevelopment of these facilities are aimed at enhancing healthcare services and improving the overall quality standards for patient care.

The director of the Technical Department, Giovanni Peressotti, noted the strategic value of the Cittadella San Rocco Community House for the city and highlighted the ongoing projects for its adaptation. The historical significance and socio-health purpose of the former Sant’Anna Arcispedale complex make this redevelopment project a crucial endeavor for Ferrara.

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All interventions in the Cittadella San Rocco Community House will prioritize improving the quality standards, including the perception of welcome, ease of orientation, and environmental comfort. The goal is to create a space that not only meets healthcare needs but also enhances the overall well-being of the community.

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