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Hour of the winter birds 2024: The result | > – Guide

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Hour of the winter birds 2024: The result |  > – Guide

As of: January 25, 2024 11:43 a.m

Big plus in this year’s participation campaign by the Nature Conservation Association (NABU): Almost a third more people than last year took part in the bird count on the first weekend in January.

More than 130,000 people followed NABU’s call for the 14th “Hour of the Winter Birds”. For an hour they counted birds in the park, on the balcony or in the garden and reported their observations. The data collected is intended to provide information about the state of the local birdlife. The house sparrow came in first again, followed by the great tit and blue tit. The total number of birds spotted per garden is 35 on average, slightly higher than last year (34).

Winter weather provided ideal conditions

“The weather on the counting weekend with fresh snow provided ideal and almost romantic conditions for counting birds,” said NABU Federal Managing Director Leif Miller. “This has obviously been reflected in the participation numbers. The onset of winter after the previous days of rain has attracted many bird lovers to gardens and parks. We are very pleased about the great interest in nature.” The participants were rewarded with more bird sightings than the previous year.

Lots of forest birds, rare guests from the north

In particular, many forest bird species, such as great and coal tits, great spotted woodpeckers and jays, appeared more frequently at the feeding sites. “The bitter cold in parts of Eastern and Northern Europe was certainly one reason why more winter visitors such as black siskins and waxwings were reported.” With more than twice as many sightings as in 2023, cranes also attracted attention as they left the snow-covered northern German lowlands.

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The sparrow is also at the forefront in northern Germany

In the northern German states, as well as nationwide, the house sparrow, also known as a sparrow, is the most frequently seen bird. The exception is Hamburg, where the great tit takes first place in the rankings. In second and third place are great and blue tits in Lower Saxony, blackbirds and great tits in Schleswig-Holstein, tree sparrows and great tits in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and blackbirds and blue tits in Hamburg.

The sparrow has been leading the rankings for years

Last year, around 100,000 nature lovers took part in the “Winter Bird Hour” and counted 2.3 million birds. As has often been the case in the past, the house sparrow topped the list of the most frequently counted birds nationwide. Great tits, blue tits and blackbirds followed.

“Hour of the Garden Birds” and “Bird of the Year”

In addition to the “Hour of the Winter Birds”, NABU organizes the “Hour of the Garden Birds” in May. This year the campaign will take place from May 10th to 12th. He also chooses the “Bird of the Year” every year. In October, people across Germany voted the lapwing “Bird of the Year 2024”.

Further information

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