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How to keep critters away

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How to keep critters away

Encountering snakes in the home can be terrifying for many, and they are not uncommon among homeowners with back gardens. Although some keep the reptiles as pets, they are not usually welcome visitors to any home. In addition, this animal species is important for nature, but is considered a pest in households and should be managed in a humane way. Therefore, repelling such critters requires a strategic approach, and below you can find some useful information and tips about it.

What to do if snakes make themselves comfortable in the house?

What attracts snakes into the house and how to keep them away? The presence of such creatures indoors is due to numerous influencing factors to consider when repelling snakes. Because they are cold-blooded, snakes try to balance their body temperature by looking for hiding spots in cold or hot weather. Another factor to consider is their foraging habits, although rodents on rooftops or in basements might also attract snakes.

why snakes are in the house or in wet rooms and why they are frightening

Snakes are most commonly found indoors, as they sneak in through cracks, holes, or leaky areas under doors or windows. Narrow and dark areas provide ideal indoor conditions for snakes to search for house mice or lay their eggs. If facade cladding, mortar or good roof insulation are missing, they can also slip through gaps or through tiles in roofs, for example. Once inside, the critters retreat to basements or attics, and upon contact with them, you should react appropriately. Also try to seal openings under doors and repair any cracks.

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Try simple catching methods with traps

check the facade and exterior for cracks and prevent snakes in the house

If you don’t want to use repellents, you could try catching snakes indoors using sticky traps or sacks. For the base of a glue trap, take a larger piece of plywood and smear one side with glue. The adhesive used with this method should cover the entire side of the board. Snakes need to slide across the wooden surface, being careful not to let pets or children step on them. You can then use vegetable oil to detach the snake from the trap and release it again. Wear protective clothing and, if in close contact, make sure you can prevent a snake bite.

snake hiding in a shady corner can enter the house through cracks

Another method of catching snakes indoors is to use damp cloth bags and wait for them to hide in them. Thus, you attract the reptiles as they are looking for such dark and cool hiding spots. Once the snake has curled up in the pouch, you can remove it from your home. You can use a shovel or tongs as a tool to remove the snake. Even in this case, approaching the snake poses a certain risk and should be done with the appropriate protective measures. So try to keep a safe distance from the snake and trade with someone else for help.

How to get rid of snakes in the house and keep them away?

through leaky windows or other openings, snakes can appear in the house

There is also an option to direct the critters from your home into a bucket with a broom. This way you can then release the unwanted guests to some remote location. This is a simple method where you sweep the snake away without hurting it. Just make sure the container you use has a lid so as not to let the snake escape. Also, be careful when handling it and be sure to wear protective clothing to prevent any bites. However, expulsion will be more effective if you take some preventive measures as well.

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Wear protective clothing and a helmet to check the attic for snakes in the house

  • Keep planters or larger flower pots away from house walls, corners, and front doors to prevent snakes from hiding behind them and entering the house.
  • Try to add fewer garden decorations and keep piles of wood and other potential hiding places to a minimum.
  • The foundation of your home, as well as sidewalks, exposed decks, windows, vents, and the attic should also be checked for cracks.
  • Seal off all possible entry points and make sure rodents aren’t luring the snakes into your home.
  • Try covering your vents and drains by using shields and check all windows and doors for leaks.
  • Also check garden hoses, plumbing, and other wet rooms for leaks, as snakes could also sneak into toilets and bathrooms.
  • Also, keep attics and basements clean to reduce odors that can attract snakes.
  • Bird eggs and other food sources can also attract snakes into your home, so check your roof and indoor areas for them.
  • Be sure to keep garages, sheds, and other entrances closed during the off-season, when snakes are migrating to and from winter dens or are otherwise very active.

Can snakes be repelled naturally?

basements and attics attract snakes through smells or rodents

There are some home remedies that may have a repellent effect on snakes, although this has not yet been scientifically proven. These are mainly based on scents that snakes probably do not like. Because these reptiles lack hearing but have a keen sense of smell, they use their tongues to pick up scents to help them navigate their surroundings and track down prey. Make your home uncomfortable for the animals by using some of the remedies below.

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common rat snake and what attracts snakes into the house

  • You can diffuse essential oils that snakes don’t like, like clove or cinnamon oil, around your home.
  • Also, try making repellent solutions with vinegar and ammonia, and leave a few bowls in living rooms. Open windows and doors so that unpleasant odors can easily escape.
  • Some plants, such as peppermint, lemongrass, garlic, and marigolds, may also be repellent to snakes indoors.
  • Try to act in a humane way, using repellents that do not pose any danger to the animals.

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