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Is sugar bad for you? – breaking latest news

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Is sugar bad for you? – breaking latest news

In which foods is sugar found?

Sugar is found in many foods (even unsuspected ones). It may be naturally present in a food along with other important nutrients (mainly present in fruit, vegetables, dairy products), or it may have been added.

Added sugar is mainly found in sugary drinks (colas, iced teas, lemonades, energy drinks, aperitifs, alcohol, cocktails, sports drinks, coffee or fruit based drinks, juices), in sweets, in fruit or fruit yoghurt. flavored. It obviously also includes desserts, which are mainly made up of sugars and/or fats.

Not only that: unsuspected foods that contain sugar can be, among others: sauces, gravies, balsamic vinegar, ready-made soups and minestrones, packaged bread, breakfast cereals, breaded foods, crackers.

Of the 600,000 types of packaged foods on sale in the US, about 80 percent contain added sugar.

Added sugars are called many names on nutrition labels. In Table 1 (see above), some examples of names of different types of sugar used by the food industry according to the Federal Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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