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“League of Legends” anniversary! Stanley and the leader of the leader of the live show showdown | E-sports | New head shell Newtalk

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The red team led by former world champion Stanley will face off against the blue team led by the well-known live master Asia Champion.Picture: Garena/Provided

The “League of Legends” Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Anniversary Series has recently started. In addition to logging in on August 8th, players can receive 375 styles for free. Choose one of 20. The epic live main match: “God. Sage. Showdown” is also available. It will debut at 7pm on August 8.

To celebrate the anniversary, “League of Legends” will host the “God. Sage. Showdown” live main match at 7:00 pm on August 8th. Invitations include Stanley, Dint, BeBe, Simon, Xiao Ye Ye, Asian God, and Mi Ten well-known live hosts from Midan, Butterfly, RB, and Guanwei participated. The leader of the red team leader Stan Yili, Dinte, Simon, BeBe, and Xiao Yeye will fight the God Blue Team composed of Mimidan, Butterfly, RB and Guanwei led by the Asian gods. The two sides will play the Summon Canyon BO3 event. , Competing for 250,000 tournament prizes. The anchor contest review will be held by the Section and ZOD.

“League of Legends” “Anniversary FUN Free” limited-time free start with limited modeling “Sentinel of Light Grave”.Picture: Garena/Provided

In addition, before the official decisive battle, “League of Legends” also prepared a series of anniversary special programs. The official will release “Hey you all come here”, “Turn defense to attack”, “You are a ghost” on YouTube. Wait for the film to reveal the secrets of the formation of the red team and the blue team, the single-handed rivalry and strength between the live players, and the logical battle between the live players.

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Anniversary special program film list

“Hey, all of you come here.”
“Switching from Defence to Offense” Part 1
“Turning from defense to offense”
“Transfer from Defence to Offense” Out of Competition

“League of Legends” anniversary event lazy bag

July 22nd ~ August 22nd Anniversary celebration activity starts: data review webpage is online
July 26th ~ August 8th Anniversary FUN Free: Free “Sentinel of Light” for a limited time, Grave
8th Anniversary on August 8th: Sign in and get 375 styles. Choose one of 20
August 8th Divine Showdown: Stanley’s Holy Red Team vs. Asian God’s Blue Team
August 9th ~ August 22nd Anniversary Sign-in: Log in every day to receive rewards, free Garena commemorative avatars and emoticons


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