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Losing weight, diet and health » 25 years of “Fressnet.de” – cheers, hustle and bustle, cheerfulness

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Losing weight, diet and health » 25 years of “Fressnet.de” – cheers, hustle and bustle, cheerfulness

We have the reason for “Jubilation, Hustle and Bustle, Cheerfulness” – and also a typical saying that is often heard in the weight loss scene:
“Not gaining weight is also a success”.
It sounds like “Drizzle is almost sunshine” – it’s about moods between fear and hope, about straws without support, about the idealized, sought-after rock in the surf. If thinking does not lead you out of the unwanted situation, it is thinking on the sidelines or dead-end thinking.

Photo: Blood orange juice in an “antique” glass, © 2024 Nicolas Baumgardt

Anyone who suffers from an eating disorder may be denied even “innocent” pleasures, or the motto “enjoy carefree” may never apply. It goes without saying that thin and obese people each develop special feelings towards the object of pleasure – “Can I eat that, do I have to eat that, and what if I gain weight from it?”

The media organizes their diet orgies at the beginning of the year, sophisticated programs are supposed to lead to the desired weight, the central motif is “the success”like the traveling magician who conjures up white doves from top hats on constantly new stages.

“Successful for 25 years” – that would be more wishful thinking than reality. But: 25 years of presence in this profession is ultimately something…

The “Fressnet.de” project, which was activated in 1999, is still an experiment and platform for “diet” or “nutrition and lifestyle”. Politically, there are efforts to usher in a “nutrition change” as long as the bells are still ringing in “D”, but in the meantime the belief in the power of the breaded schnitzel, which “people” see as endangered and do not want to be taken off their plate, is tenacious. Sometimes it’s analogue, sometimes digital,

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Old technology does not lose its meaning if it is seen as a pioneer for new things.

Ancient knowledge of the role that the Balance can play in life, of course never loses its truth. “Balance” is mentally linked to the bar on the old scales; This can be found again in the two-column accounting accounts, where it is ultimately about “income/expenses” and the existing difference:

Balance and equilibrium are not only important in nutrition, but also in interpersonal relationships, such as: B. the myth of Philemon and Baucis reports.

Unfortunately, the two of them were absolute exceptions when it came to hospitality; However: Of course I would also slaughter my last chicken for two “random visitors” ;-). Alternatively, here today there is once again a variety of vegetarian options:

What was here at “Nine O’clock” had made me curious and I grabbed it: sweet, slightly crunchy wakame macroalgae, which can only be combined with saffron-turmeric rice, mushrooms, fried carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, smoked tofu and sriracha sauce were.

With such recipes, nothing stands in the way of the ideal of a society whose members without exception – within the limits of small tolerances – correspond to the body proportions of Barbie and Ken! Just a little rethinking and agriculture will become a haven for biological diversity, farm animals will find a place in the petting zoo and we will travel in hydrogen-powered buses and trains because there is now white hydrogen!

Barbie, the icon of women’s emancipation, comes from “hydrogen blonde” – “rethinking” is the order of the day, at least for our “Kens” if they want to play along without being little more than a “Barbie appendage” by taking on a role beyond that Playing patriarch clichés and becoming empathetic and showing solidarity – but no, we’ve had that for a long time, the (invented) softies with men’s fear of appearing “soft as norms” could somehow not resonate with women

“Greta Gerwig: She made a culturally profound, feminist film about Barbie and the patriarchy that grossed a billion dollars at the box office.”

Die Value creation through film culture or the culture industry may be gratifying – biological cultures also create added value:

“… through Fermentieurng “The food gets good taste – this is called “umami” in Japan – and high nutritional value, and shelf life is also a big advantage.”

It would certainly also make sense to take care of soy sauce, miso paste, sake, shiokoji, etc. – on the other hand, tempeh is also a fermentation product that needs to be looked after.

Somehow you can always use tempeh, here it was the dough for a vegan meatball, which itself contains enough carbohydrates so that the “roll around it” was unnecessary.

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Between the political discussions about Taunus rockets and cannabis legalization, the shift to the right and civil anti-fascism, this term has recently made its way into the headlines:

Sugar tax

Sarah Forberger from the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology in Bremen says: “No matter which tax is chosen, taxation could be a piece of the puzzle in combating obesity.”
I would like to agree and add: “No matter how many and which micro puzzle pieces you put together, it won’t change the sweet madness in which we are drifting.”

The appropriate taxation of an addictive substance is not yet an explanation. Education about the consequences of sugar consumption will probably only bring about a small reduction in its use. Education about the basic biological and psychosocial functions of life would be more urgent. The idea of ​​fighting obesity with millions of individual fighters is absurd, but given the current chaos of methods, the age-old, depraved “everyone is the maker of his own luck” applies. This ideology has anti-social consequences in a society that formally claims to be “social”, which promotes and ignores isolation. Using the sugar tax for basic organic food supplies: There will be experts who reject this approach.

As with the popular board game, the rule applies: “Man, don’t get angry” and “back to the beginning”. That’s why we have the orange juice here again…

Finally, here is the link to “Hear and see”

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