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Losing weight, diet and health » Avocados and scarce water in this country

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Now this climate change has already reached such an extent that everyone should actually accept it as a reality, look for solutions, bring about or promote them and demand them – but apparently you can continue to live “as usual” – for now.

“Everything is possible” is not a clever motto, and skepticism about various claims to save the climate is as appropriate as the slogan about “losing weight with avocados because they are so filling and generally” unproven.

Question: “Can you combine guacamole, and if so, which one, with Swabian spaetzles?”

Answer: “In principle, yes – but you first have to accept the possibility of this combination.”

As we all know, avocados are considered “difficult” because they need a lot of fresh water, and that is in short supply. There are illegal wells for irrigation, in this context the groundwater is sinking, large producers are digging up the water from smaller ones, and the ecological situation is getting worse with the growing demand in this country, more precisely from the global, wealthier clientele.

You see food everywhere with stickers and prints that provide information about their origin and farming method, as well as their fat and carbohydrate content – but this is not the case with avocados in general. In principle, the limits should be tight for avocados that are not produced according to sustainability principles…

Decreasing rainfall over the years also affects the local nature; The theory goes that green roofs and service water cisterns should help, but the practice is “dizzy”:

A canopy with lots of gravel and no water-storing, cooling vegetation on the site of a former brickworks was the tone emanating from its own site.

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Idstein, essentially a specialist workshop, combines contrasts:

The old town center is not alone – it is surrounded by “extensions” and modern infrastructure, roundabouts are used to direct traffic between the motorway, commercial and residential areas;

the cool shower is a city service designed to ensure plant growth in the streetscape as the climate continues to shift.

With the “Gießmobil” green roundabouts become possible, while the look at the masses of gravel in the bottom right corners of the picture also raises the question of whether a brutal mentality is being expressed here, whether that has to be the case or whether it can even be changed .

Gravel, asphalt and concrete heat up when exposed to sunlight and give off the heat to their surroundings.

Such a parking space (one of many) acts like a heat collector, the yield of which is not used sensibly. Grass no longer grows in the joints of the composite stones, and where the concrete area has been opened up for planting, hardly any trees – at least

… hardly any healthy trees.

We don’t know how much water the roots have; according to cheap internet guides Keep the area of ​​the tree disk free of growth from other plants, especially grassso that they do not compete with the young tree for nutrients and water and thus make it more difficult for it to form roots and thus grow well.

As far as the design of the parking spaces is concerned, it could be that traffic changes in favor of the bicycle: the bicycle is good for business,

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Bicycles save space compared to cars. Such suitable brackets or better solutions are not available everywhere.

It is not a law of nature that “space” is always associated with “car” – there also needs space for “wild growth”,

Spaces to linger, pass by, stroll, play – and less space to park, although we should also point out the long-term (motorhome) parkers who block general parking space for the general public.

A “bicycle parking guide” could be helpful in the sense of “further impulses”; It’s about finding the right solutions, not just apparent ones.

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