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For calendar reasons, the so-called Christmas tree is currently the outstanding symbol in public spaces, enhanced with tinsel, traditional culture and a natural tree seal, and if you like and have one, you can add a nativity scene. There lies, bedded on straw, Christianity’s bearer of hope. The well-known rule of three is also about hope: “But now faith, hope, love, these three remain. But the greatest of them is love.”

If we add forgiveness, the idyll is perfect – at least within the “Abrahamic religions”, although in the context of guilt, sin and original sin, divine forgiveness is often ignored, perhaps due to a lack of trust in God.
Belief in a benevolent God would make the “historical responsibility” not seem so overwhelming; a benevolent God would require his children to get along and forgive each other, i.e. to broaden their horizons and “open their hearts”.
But the “heartless Sigmund Freud” also ignored forgiveness, although people freeze in their bitterness because of their inability to forgive.

Pure existential fears in difficult circumstances make faith, love and hope appear problematic; it starts with “weak faith” and continues throughout.

Forgiveness means that one forgives and forgives someone’s guilt if he has wronged one or committed another evil deed.
This is difficult, especially when society and its “system” are to blame and reject innocent alternatives:

An experiment has been running in Gramatneusiedl, Austria, for a few years, accompanied by research. Instead of coercion and control, long-term unemployed people who want to get a job – just like that.

As a carpenter, faith healer, itinerant preacher and group psychotherapist, Jesus certainly highly valued the value of work, nutrition and living on one’s own strength – otherwise he would have established the miraculous multiplication of bread as a permanent institution. A palm frond may also appear as a celebratory botanical element in the will, but never a candle-filled “Christmas tree.” Jesus did not cut down any fir trees and Mary did not decorate any.

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A myth about saving nature can be found in connection with “Noah’s Ark”; The flood as an expression of God’s wrath occurs at other “cultural landmarks”.

A heavy rain is not yet a deluge; calming thoughts come automatically.

Similar images are probably coming more and more often, at shorter intervals with increasing levels.
This is man-made, not God-ordained.

Transformation, change, change…

“In the past,” the nobility and clergy let others work and farm for them and decided what, for example, B. had to build churches, castles, roads and later also factories and railways, decisions were also made about wars, never capitulating too early (or always too late?).

Today we as the “fourth estate” still have the press and therefore plenty of exciting distractions, excitedly discussing “Our Lady as a surrogate mother” while our knowledge of her origins is almost zero –

like the knowledge of myths, that they all invented are to create communal feelings and generally for the sake of socialization.

The young man (or “young man”) will soon leave his place on the lap of his young mother, and, since he is somehow and miraculously immortal (whether physics explains this with a space-time continuum?) Can we ask ourselves or him in prayer, “What now?”

With “Truly, I say to you,” we could start the answer as a made-up prophecy, interweave the sentence with the camel, the rich man, and the eye of the needle, and follow it with an excursus about overcoming the evil burning of fossil components of the earth. The following “piece of the mosaic” should also appear:
“Don’t expect miracles from me, let them happen yourself!”

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A “Do not be afraid of the loss of freedom to waste energy” could be woven into a choral performance on an endless loop or as part of the short speech of the Son of God.
The ascetically tested demigod and superhero would succinctly bring up “renunciation” and “less is more”, with “Don’t ask me, but rather think on your own initiative!”, mentally bow to Kant, and warn that humanity only or only should also apply their knowledge instead of chasing visions of god-like kerfusion.

In the practical part of the address we find a godly one

“Meatless is always possible”

S0 speaks the religious revolutionary, shocked with photos of hummus paste made from sesame, nuts, bird seed (sunflower seeds) and chestnuts in steamed cabbage leaves:

The renunciation of disposable products and the “loss” of the freedom to waste energy would be extremely easy to bear with more “freedom, equality, fraternity”. More “new art” also increases the gross national product!

“It can be hoped that the game will soon be over” and that we will introduce the sustainable circular economy.

Natural laws are universal and also apply on the one earth that we inhabit together. In short: This is why a so-called national dominant culture can be counterproductive and actually long outdated.


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