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You can try to cram “everything” about obesity, weight loss, diet and anti-diet into a television show, as in the video “Body Positivity: Body and Weight – Using Body Positivity to Combat the Feeling of Too Much”.

What the viewers get out of the “compact format” that was broadcast on “Planet Wissen” is then the crucial question…

What is also fundamentally important here is “What and how much should I EAT, when and in what environment?”
But the most you should do is to present the possibilities – but here the experts refuse to discuss things by limiting themselves to silence and not allowing anyone to look at their plate. What to eat is a strangely underrepresented topic, even though it is mostly presented anew every day.

“Cauliflower, “baked” in a saucepan with cheese” – the food doesn’t always have to be sensational. Of course, not everyone enjoys photographing their own food, but everyone can or could do it.

On the homepage of the show Body Positivity: Body and Weight Nine topics/short films are presented, e.g. T. can be displayed very quickly – for example, the body mass index was covered in 56 seconds; That had to be the case.

In order to be able to assess the “broadcast format”, here is an excerpt from the list of topics:

Beethoven – A classic for eternity
Narcissism – The Big Ego Show

Myths of Medicine – In Yesterday, Out Today?
The zoo of the future – species rescue and adventure world
Men and their health – what men can do about it
Milk – dangerous, overrated or without alternative?

Try new things, get creative when preparing food – why not. Here the bratwurst is accompanied by a potato salad with a “calorie-saving” soy and quark preparation. The texture of the potato salad comes from finely diced, fermented parsnips (see below).

Anyone who has seen everything on “Planet Wissen” can have a say everywhere – or so it seems, and we are now taking care of having a say on the diet/anti-diet topic:

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The guests on the show were Antonie Post and Oliver Huizinga. You can find it at the fast one Research a podcast

“Is there this one magic diet?”

and of course the “no” as an answer; But there is the reality of wishful thinking or “magical thinking” in fantasies about magicians, table setting, Superman, Spiderman, philosopher’s stone, alchemy, magical soups, homemade gold, eternal beauty, the picture of Dorian Gray and so on. A recently posted article here is about “desire and frugality”.

We may also have quasi-magical expectations in connection with the recovery of the impaired biome, we take pre- and probiotic factors into account, and perhaps produce pickled vegetables ourselves:

Climate, animal welfare and health require a low-meat diet, and fermented raw food is recommended. Here is lactic parsnip, which after weeks of storage without any cooking has just the right bite and, by the way, can be treated as a delicacy.

The expert statements at “Planet Wissen”, summarized in brief:

Diets almost always fail, stomach operations can prolong life, something could be achieved with new type of diabetes medication, but you can also propagate “intuitive nutrition” under the motto “Eat what you want” and point out that stress that dieting is real stress.

The question

What is missing?

The reason for adding this here is to point out that we always have to consider the cardinal question of sustainability in climate policy when we work on concepts for life and nutrition.

“Cauliflower with parsley pesto” can be quite filling if prepared appropriately. Here the proportion of nuts was unusually high, while the proportion of excellent hard cheese was rather small.

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With the introduction of the potato, new times dawned – life without fries and chips is hard to imagine. And today in Europe this is happening Tempeh introduced:

Tempeh is a plant-based meat alternative that is still relatively unknown to us. The traditional specialty from Indonesia has a mushroom-like to slightly nutty aroma and can be used as an addition to soups, salads and Asian rice dishes.

If you want to try tempeh, you can cut it into wafer-thin slices, season it as desired and fry it until crispy. This tastes great on whole grain bread, as a bacon substitute or in a wrap. For more flavor, the meat substitute is marinated for a few hours or overnight before frying.
(Heike Kreutz)

Tempeh has prospects because we have to reduce the areas cultivated for feed in order to give nature back habitats, because without biological diversity humanity will share the fate of butterflies.

What I associate with tempeh is the hope that more and more “daring” people will invest a little time and patience and try tempeh, for example. B. make your own from soybeans with the appropriate starter cultures.

In the – crucial –

Lifestyle issues or “food as medicine” or “diet as a balanced lifestyle”

There is complete confusion – so there is still a need for clarification here.

Anyone who suffers from insomnia does not have a balanced relationship between sleeping and waking; where one lives only for work, the relationship between work and rest is unbalanced – where self-love or object love inappropriately predominate, there is something wrong with “narcissism”, and so on .

The Narcissus complex is completely denied when the following happens in a digital “diet guide”:

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To continue the list of diet mistakes, let’s assume Diet mistake number seven is a widespread misunderstanding of the nature of “diet”.

What speaks against establishing an obesity network? Which means that you stretch the threads in all directions, not just “from yourself downwards” – something like that would be a hierarchical structure and would have as much to do with a network as a pyramid or an “as if network”.

After all, we are almost past the diet comparisons like the teachings of the diet gurus and are feeling our way forward from meal to meal, trying out the motto “cooked ourselves”.

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