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macOS Ventura new technology enhances game performance MacBook Air plays Resident Evil 8 | WWDC

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macOS Ventura new technology enhances game performance MacBook Air plays Resident Evil 8 | WWDC

macOS Ventura new technology greatly enhances game performance, MacBook Air can play “Resident Evil 8/RE VIII” | Home computers have always given the impression that “Mac is for work, PC is for play”; PC has extremely high hardware The degree of freedom and the massive lineup of games and supporting software have become the best choice for computer fans, but Apple seems to intend to strengthen the performance of Gaming on its own hardware, and even playing AAA masterpieces such as “Resident Evil 8/RE VIII” is not a problem.

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At the recent Apple conference WWDC, Apple disclosed the latest game API “Metal 3”, which aims to comprehensively improve the performance and performance of Apple products, especially Mac machines in games. There is also a “MetalFX Upscaling” technology in Metal 3, which can improve the performance of imaging and anti-aliasing, thereby improving the picture quality and fluency. In addition, a fast resource reading API is also designed for game developers, so that games can read files and resources faster to create a more immersive and realistic game world.

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That is, the new macOS technology greatly enhances the game performance and the MacBook Air can play Resident Evil 8:

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According to Apple, Macs using Apple Silicon chips (M1 and M2) will be able to run AAA titles such as Resident Evil 8 Resident Evil Village, No Man’s Sky, and EA’s GRID Legends. At the press conference, images of No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil 8 running on a Mac were shown. At the press conference, the technical development director from Capcom said that Biochemical 8 will be ported to Mac within this year, and can be played on platforms such as MacBook Air and Mac Studio; games can run smoothly on MacBook Air at 1080p and Mac Studio at 4K resolution.

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It is worth mentioning that Apple Silicon chips can also be used on iPads, so there may be 3A masterpieces transplanted to iPads in the future, and even new games may be launched simultaneously with iPad versions. In addition, the current Apple host can support two wireless handsets connected at the same time, so when two people play together, they can use the wireless handset to connect an iPhone, iPad or Mac respectively to play the game. I used to talk about taking the Switch to play on the street, but in the near future, it may become the norm to play on the street with an iPad and a hand switch.

Although the value of graphics cards has recently dropped from a high level, it does not change the fact that the overall PC hardware price has been high in recent years; more than ten years ago, it was possible to have a computer with good performance for 6,000 or 7,000 yuan. Now I want to use it in games A PC with good performance often costs more than 10,000 yuan. As the price gap between PC and Mac has narrowed, if the performance of Mac can continue to improve in games, or “buying a Mac to play” will no longer be a joke.

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