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Meloni: ‘Irpef exemption for incomes up to 10 thousand euros’. Salvini: ‘More can be done’ – News

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Meloni: ‘Irpef exemption for incomes up to 10 thousand euros’.  Salvini: ‘More can be done’ – News


Lollobrigida, new Irpef exemption will guarantee 90% of farmers

The exemption from Irpef as it was, for everyone “has created an imbalance among Italians: it is right to continue to exempt in this moment of difficulty” those who need it but “there are Italians who have been exempted who instead have incomes not higher than the average of Italians but the average of the richest and this is not fiscal fairness”. Thus the minister Francesco Lollobrigida leaving P.Chigi after the meeting with the acronyms of the agricultural world. “The provision that will emerge from this discussion with a further effort to guarantee adequate resources, says Minister Giorgetti, will guarantee more than 90% of agricultural businesses”, he adds.

Video Farmers, organizations convened at Palazzo Chigi


Ad Rai, no farmers on the stage decided with Piantedosi

“The decision not to allow the protestors to climb onto the Sanremo stage with tractors was a choice shared with the Minister of the Interior Piantedosi”: RAI CEO Roberto Sergio told ANSA on the sidelines of the States General of the Siae in Sanremo, a few hours before the fourth evening of the festival where Amadeus is expected to read a text shared by the farmers’ representatives.


Salvini, stop Irpef up to 10 thousand euros? More can be done

“For me it is a starting point and I am convinced that even more can be done.” Thus, in Potenza, the Minister of Infrastructure and leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, responded to a question on the proposal made by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni for the agricultural Irpef exemption of up to 10 thousand euros of income.


Agricultural redemption, ‘at 4 pm delegation to the ministry’

“At 4pm they summoned us to the Ministry of Agriculture.” Salvatore Fais said this among the coordinators of Riscatto Agricolo at the sit in Via Nomentana. “Tonight there will also be a demonstration with tractors”, says the spokesperson amidst applause. “If there are trade associations we don’t come in and leave”, he added.


Melons, EU bloc needs laboratory-produced food

“I believe that to defend the sector we also need a European block on cell-based food produced in laboratories. We will continue to fight on this, we will fight for a European law.” Thus the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, according to what we learn, to the acronyms of the agricultural world. On the law against cultured meat “they accused us of every atrocity” but “we were right. Italy was the leader and animated a majority of 17 nations which is supporting our position and says together with us that synthetic meat, Meat produced in a laboratory is an ethical, social, environmental and health threat.


Melons, no more below-cost sales, fair prices for farmers

“We want to address the very important issue of production costs. We want to prevent sales below production costs and recognize the right price for farmers. To make the measure provided for in the legislative decree against unfair practices effective, the government will strengthen controls on Law Enforcement Authority (ICQRF) and will strengthen Ismea’s structures for the processing and publication on a monthly basis of the prices of agricultural products and the average production costs of the main supply chains”. Thus, according to what we learn, the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to the acronyms of the world of agriculture.

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Melons, agricultural income tax exemption up to 10 thousand euros income

“The Irpef exemption in past years has been an unfair measure and has especially favored large entrepreneurs and companies with high business volumes. The Government’s proposal is to help farmers who need it by limiting the Irpef exemption to agricultural income and Sundays that do not exceed the amount of ten thousand euros. In other words, the Irpef exemption must be an intervention for the weakest that is a concrete support for those who produce and not a privilege”. So, according to what we learn, the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to the acronyms of the agricultural world that she is meeting at Palazzo Chigi.


Melons with agricultural acronyms, a strategic sector, at the center for us

“I have decided, with Minister Lollobrigida, to organize this meeting to briefly present to you the priority actions that the government intends to carry out, on various levels, in favor of the national agricultural sector. It is not the first time we have met, we have met seen several times in the past, but I thought it was important to see you again today to continue to discuss national and European policies affecting agriculture and agri-food. We are talking about a strategic sector for our economy and which we have placed at the center of our action “. Thus Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni spoke to the agriculture acronyms.

“I believe you can recognize that in recent months there has been an increase in resources in favor of the sector and it has been significant, albeit in a difficult budgetary situation, which you also know well. In 16 months it is not possible to do the miracles and correct years of wrong choices, but I believe that the trend reversal is evident.”


Agricultural organizations convened at Palazzo Chigi

A round table between the government and the main agricultural organizations began at Palazzo Chigi, chaired by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Present for the government are the deputy prime ministers Antonio Tajani and Matteo Salvini (connected), and the ministers Francesco Lollobrigida, Giancarlo Giorgetti, Matteo Piantedosi, Raffaele Fitto, Luca Ciriani, Maria Calderone. Representatives of Coldiretti, Confagricoltura, Cia, Copagri, Alleanza Coperative were present. The objective of the table, it is explained, is to take stock of all the main issues relating to the agricultural sector.


From 8pm tractor parade on the ring road

“We confirm that this evening at 8pm we will leave from the garrison in Nomentana and we will do the procession along the entire Grande Raccordo Anulare and then return to the garrison waiting for good news from Minister Lollobrigida for the meeting”. Roberto Rosati, one of the spokesmen of the farmers who join Riscatto Agricolo, says this at the Circo Massimo.

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Rai, we are still waiting for the farmers’ statement

“We are waiting for the farmers’ statement, many emails have arrived, we don’t know who we can give an answer to: we are waiting for one to arrive that Amadeus will read on stage. Rai is available to bring the problems, difficulties, requests, we are ready to do it. When we have it, he is ready to read it.” Fabrizio Casinelli, head of the Rai press office, explains it at a press conference in Sanremo, responding to Enrico Lucci of Striscia la nuova who asked if they had decided not to let the farmers go on stage “for fear of Meloni or Lollobrigida “.


The tractors parade in front of the Colosseum, towards the Circus Maximus

Sounding their horns and escorted by the police, the four Riscatto agricultural tractors passed in front of the Colosseum. The procession which proceeds at a brisk pace and without stops is now heading towards Circus Maximus.


The League: ‘We need to intervene on Irpef’

“Matteo Salvini took stock with the leaders of the League who are experts in agriculture. The position of the League remains the same: maximum commitment to support the sector and intervene even more effectively on Irpef. Last night, the deputy prime minister and minister met with a delegation of the ‘tractor people’ in Abruzzo”. Thus the League in a note.


‘Without farmers no food’, tractors in the center of Rome

With the tricolor flags and posters reading “Without farmers, no food and no future”, the four Riscatto agricultural tractors arrived in the center of Rome. After crossing Piazza della Repubblica they continued along Via Cavour. The procession is escorted by the police towards the Colosseum.

Applause, thumbs up and even a few kisses thrown by some citizens as the four Riscatto agricultural tractors passed through the center of Rome. The procession, after a brief stop in front of Circo Massimo, set off to return to the garrison of via Nomentana, at the Raccordo.


4 tractors left from Nomentana, towards the center of Rome

The four tractors of the Riscatto Agricolo movement set off from the garrison in Via Nomentana, escorted by the police, and will parade through the streets of the capital this morning to represent the farmers’ protest. After abandoning the demonstration in Piazza San Giovanni, the farmers decided for a parade with tractors through the center of Rome escorted by the police.


Farmers in Sanremo: “We are still negotiating”

In Sanremo to go on stage. Not to sing, but to tell why the tractor protest was born. For the moment, however, the Ariston is off limits for farmers arriving from different regions of Italy even if mediation continues to be able to get in front of the cameras of the Festival. Among the protesters who arrived in the city was also Fabio Pitzalis, a Sardinian from Guasila (province of Southern Sardinia): “We are negotiating – he explains to ANSA – we are trying to get some answers. Amadeus lets it be known that it will read a statement, but we don’t understand which statement if we haven’t given him anything yet. Let’s see, we continue to work to make our reasons known to everyone.” Negotiations have been underway since yesterday, but today they intensified. In the next few hours it will be better understood what the final decision will be: now the farmers, with their tractors, are at the port of Sanremo and waiting for the situation to be resolved.

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Video The farmers’ reasons told on board a tractor


Fdi sources, postponement of the insurance requirement for tractors for 6 months

An amendment to the Milleproroghe decree was filed by Fratelli d’Italia, with the rapporteur Angelo Rossi, in agreement with the minister Lollobrigida, which postpones the entry into force of the obligation of insurance for agricultural vehicles by six months. Fratelli d’Italia sources let it be known that this confirms the will of the party, of the Ministry of Agriculture and of the Meloni government, to continue to support the agricultural world through common sense measures and that it will do everything possible, in Italy and in Europe , to defend all operators in the agri-food sector.


“We’re leaving for Sanremo, Amadeus lyrics shared”

About fifty farmers and breeders of the Alessandria-Asti Autonomous Farmers Collective left by bus and with their own means to reach Sanremo (Imperia) for the authorized demonstration between 1pm and 5pm. “The statement that will be read this evening on the stage of the Theater Ariston during the Festival – we read in a note – was shared and signed with the Agricultural Redemption Committee of Melegnano (Milan). Around twenty tractors from Mondovì (Cuneo) were also present at Sanremo”. The Agricoltori Autonomi collective will continue its protest actions next week in Asti. “In these days the various Piedmontese movements and groups are meeting to agree on collective actions together.”


Agricultural redemption, procession confirmed on the Rome ring road

“We confirm that this evening there will be a tractor parade on the ring road.” This was said by Roberto Rosati, one of the spokespersons of the Abruzzo farmers who joined Riscatto Agricolo, the tractor protest on Via Nomentana in Rome. “Only the time is to be established. It should be around 9pm”, he added.

“This evening we will take a tour of the entire Ring Road. We are defining the timetables.” This was said by Salvatore Fais, leader of Riscattoagricoltura, guest of Agorà. “It would have created too much confusion during the day” added Fais, confirming that this morning “four tractors will symbolically pass through Rome”.

Video Rome, Fornai (Tuscany agricultural redemption): ‘The tour on the Gra confirmed this evening’

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