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Bye bye Twitter

Blame the haters? It is not known who or what prompted Aurora Ramazzotti to deactivate her Twitter account, the fact is that now she is no longer reachable in Elon Musk’s microblogging. Indeed, the influencer has also threatened to leave Facebook. Have you received harsh comments? Will she have been annoyed by the haters at this sensitive stage of her pregnancy? Will she be more sensitive and emotional? It is not clear, but she will have a month to reconsider (her app allows you to change your mind), otherwise all that remains is to follow her on Instagram, where she is still active and unleashed.

Influencers unleashed

Aurora Ramazzotti has never had a problem responding to the haters in kind, but has also repeatedly said that she has often received unpleasant comments. You supported Jolanda Renga who denounced having received insults. Aurora you said you had the same treatment. “Jolanda is very sensitive and intelligent. She has two parents who love her so much and who have passed on her right values ​​to her. This blend certainly won’t shield her from people’s disgust but it will help her to fortify her already caz..to her character that she has of her. I don’t know how much longer we women will have to fight with this ridiculous story of beauty, but as a veteran of being called ceases everywhere I can say that after a while it really loses so much value and, indeed, the proponents of such comments they almost pity you. Because if you still haven’t understood today that the concept of beauty is relative, subjective and above all superfluous, what kind of conversation should we have exactly?” wrote Ramazzotti giving a hand to Renga.

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Belly in the crosshairs

Only a few days ago Aurora Ramazzotti had posted Stories in which she showed the workouts with the belly and immediately the comments of those who advised her to stop gymnastics were unleashed. The “experts” of her web pressured her not to abuse her condition as a woman pregnant with her in her seventh month by allowing herself to tell her what to do or not to do. “Auri is ready to become a mother, she has always done everything by herself, she has a big head: she is a force of nature” her father Eros Ramazzotti said of her in a recent TV interview.

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