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New Fatal Fury Confirmed as Green Light – Fatal Fury – Gamereactor

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New Fatal Fury Confirmed as Green Light – Fatal Fury – Gamereactor

There have been many leaks over the past few years, and game industry secrets are almost as rare as unicorns these days. Many people are fed up with the system, which has also led to a slew of self-proclaimed insiders who leak things with all sorts of accuracy.

This is already starting to lead to some changes, with the gaming industry turning more towards movies, which are not considered to be some sort of secret movie in the making. Recently, we’ve seen EA announce a game like the new Skate even before it’s in development, Bethesda said the next Fallout is coming after the next The Elder Scrolls, and now SNK is trying the same thing.

During last weekend’s annual Evo Fighting Championship, they revealed that a new game in the Fatal Fury franchise, known as Garou in Japan, has been approved. That means there may not be any development going on yet, and it’s still a few years away – but at least we know it’s happening, and developers can openly look for employees for this project, rather than rumors telling us this at some point.

While that’s basically all the info we have, there’s a trailer below telling us that it’s green-lit, and there’s really not much else to it other than a piece of art. The last game in the series was 1999’s Garou: Mark of the Wolves, which was released for Neo Geo and Dreamcast, and became the most popular format ever since.

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