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Nobody knows, but eating watermelon can be bad: here’s the study

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Nobody knows, but eating watermelon can be bad: here’s the study

Watermelon helps detoxify and purify the body, has a high satiating power and lots of mineral salts. But a study reveals that eating it at certain times can hurt. Did you know that? Let’s find out why.

Is watermelon bad for you? Here because

Watermelon or watermelon is a typical fruit of summer, it presents a round or oval shape and it is very bulky and heavy, even weighing 20-25 kg. There are about 50 species of watermelon.
Watermelon on a diet is perfect, it gives energy thanks to mineral salts and promotes diuresis but it must be said that it is not always good for you. As the expert explains, the nutrition biologist Giulia Vincenzo, eating too much watermelon makes us swell the belly. It is definitely a great one summer food, rich in minerals, water and vitamins. But she is not as innocent as she seems.

It does not have the calories of a fig or a banana, but it is not indifferent. Unfortunately the excuse it is light and good for you, it makes us eat more than we should and it is wrong, also because it is very sweet; for who have a high blood sugar not good!

After meals, consume a maximum of two cubes, instead as a snack you can enjoy a nice slice! Another trick is to blend and freeze it to create tasty popsicles. They will have around 80 or 100g and will be delicious to enjoy as a snack. So as not to overdo the doses!

Since you are greedy for watermelon, both adults and children. Here are all the most famous varieties you can try, always not exaggerating!

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Variety of watermelon

Watermelon is a very popular fruit with excellent nutritional characteristics, there are many varieties present:

  • Classic red watermelon: this is the most widespread and well-known variety of watermelon. Rich in water, mineral salts and lycopene.
  • yellow variety: it has Japanese origins and has vitamin A and carotenoids, it is smaller and with a lighter shell.
  • nera Densuke: grown on the island of Hokkaido, this variety also has Japanese origins. It is a relatively small fruit, spherical in shape and with a glossy black casing but with the classic red pulp.
  • bianca: it has the typical skin of the red watermelon. But it has a white, crunchy pulp
  • Anguria Sugar Baby: round and full of seeds, the same as the normal one but weighs a maximum of 4kg.
  • Moon and Stars: long and stout, its peel has stars on the top that are lighter, it is the sweetest of all.
  • Orangeglo watermelon: originally from Texas starting from crosses between different varieties, it is oval and streaked with a singular orange pulp, whose aroma is reminiscent of that of melon.
  • Square variety: a classic watermelon but which takes the square shape, because it is placed in a special container. But because of this process until they are ripe, they don’t taste good.

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