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Plank challenge: does plank every day for a month guarantee a flat stomach?

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On social networks, the success of the “plank challenge” does not seem to end. But there is a but…

The trend topic of every summer has arrived very hot in our to-do-lists. See sculpted abs. A mirage that can become reality. What to do then? How to get perfect abs and flat stomach? How to improve a little in this sense a few weeks before the costume fitting?

A little help comes from the stars and their targeted workouts spoiled by the most famous personal trainers in the world. Some others come to us from some “enlightened” coach who has identified how to do push-ups in a workmanlike manner without making mistakes or because the walking plank is the turning point. Some others, however, come to us from social media, in this case from TikTok. The “plank challenge” conquered everyone and now we want to know why.

The benefits of the plank

Let’s start with the plank. Also called: front hold, or hover or abdominal bridge. Literally translatable as plank, it is an isometric exercise that is based on short-term strength and resistance for stabilize the trunk and reduce the belly. It is one of the best known and most fundamental exercises for core development. More precisely, of the abdominal muscles.

Regular plank practice is an interesting and effective exercise. “Helps effectively tone the transverse, oblique, and pelvic floor.” So said the sports coach Anouk Hamel. Ultimately, these areas, more toned, they will improve your posture and they will prevent back pain. “The stronger our abs are, the more they help support our weight. This particularly limits the risk of inflammation and low back pain. So says the sports doctor Victoria Tchaikovsky.

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Plank challenge: what is it about?

Photo by Olivia Bauso on Unsplash

The challenge promises to get a flatter, more muscular tummy in just four weeks. On social networks, the success of the “plank challenge” does not seem to end. The hashtag of the same name has more than 3 billion views on TikTok. Launched in 2015 by American coach Anna Kaiser, this challenge consists of do the plank almost every day for a month gradually increasing the duration of the holding posture. The only break allowed: one day of rest per week.

In fact, there are multiple versions of the challenge. The most common suggests starting with a 20-second plank and reaching 300 seconds, or five minutes, on the 30th day. But the real question is? Does practicing with these rules really give those results that fast?

Does the challenge work?

Let’s assume that this TikTok challenge, unlike many others, doesn’t hurt. If the exercises are done correctly. But there is a but. The plank challenge is a beneficial but insufficient workout. To see visible results on your tummy, we recommend combine this challenge with muscle-strengthening exercises and cardiovascular training, which will cut calories and fat. For example, taking Pilates classes to build muscle might be helpful. Or walk between 7,000 and 10,000 steps a day.

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According to sports doctor Victoria Tchaikovsky, the aesthetic results of the plank challenge are very limited and this for one reason in particular. “The superficial muscles of the stomach that give the ‘candy bar’ appearance are hardly worked in the plank.” Repeatedly performing the exercise can lead to a slight decrease in waist circumference thanks to the transverse muscle toning. But, be warned, this won’t be enough to get the six pack abs effect so dear to Lenny Kravitz.

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by Paola Di Marcantonio | June 24, 2023

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