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Rocca: ‘Meloni is not happy, today I will see De Angelis’ – News

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Rocca: ‘Meloni is not happy, today I will see De Angelis’ – News

“I will see Marcello De Angelis in the afternoon and I will hear what he will tell me. I expressed my position clearly yesterday, also on the sentences. De Angelis made an important mistake speaking in terms of certainty even if in a personal capacity. I will make the my assessments but he has no political role in the regional administration. I feel very often with Meloni, we got to talk: she asked me to clarify and she certainly wasn’t happy about what happened”.

This was stated by the president of the Lazio Region, Francesco Rocca, on the sidelines of an event in Latina.

“When I speak of respect for the sentences I am also referring to what was sealed by the Cassation. We have a season of massacres that has been marked by murky interests, denying this means denying history”, said Rocca. “Even for Bologna there are still figures like Federico Umberto D’Amato and Umberto Ortolani on whom it is necessary to clarify their role, I hope that there will be a total declassification regarding the season of massacres which aimed to subvert the democratic order “.

For further information ANSA agency Bologna massacre, Rocca: ‘De Angelis speaks in a personal capacity, I will evaluate’ – News – Ansa.it The Lazio region communications chief had said: ‘Fioravanti and Mambro had nothing to do with the Bologna massacre’. Schlein: ‘ignoble words, Meloni intervene’ . (HANDLE)

The oppositions in the Lazio Region: “An extraordinary piece of advice on De Angelis”

“We express profound disappointment with President Rocca’s statements and with his choice not to immediately remove Marcello De Angelis from his office. We believe that what Marcello De Angelis has written, and moreover reiterated, is extremely serious and incompatible with his role as head of the institutional communication of the Region. We cannot accept that an attempt at historical revisionism, on final judgments and on the neo-fascist matrix of the massacre as recently written by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, comes from an institutional figure”.

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The group leaders of the Pisana opposition write it in a note Mario Ciarla (Pd) Roberta Della Casa (5s) Marietta Tidei (Action-IV) Claudio Marotta (AVS) Alessandra Zeppieri (Progressive Polo) and Alessio D’amato (Together for Lazio ), announcing that in the next few hours they will deposit a request to convene a Council: “we want this matter of fundamental importance to be discussed in the institutional forums with President Rocca and not left to a private personal conversation between him and De Angelis whose The victims of the Bologna massacre and their families deserve respect”.

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