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Sanitas: Embracing the Digital Revolution for Precise and Humanistic Healthcare

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Sanitas: Embracing the Digital Revolution for Precise and Humanistic Healthcare

Sanitas: Paving the Way for the Medicine of Tomorrow

The future of medicine is uncertain, but one thing is clear: it must find a way to combine the technological revolution brought by digitalization and other advancements with the need for more precise and compassionate healthcare. Sanitas, a leading healthcare company, has been committed to bringing this future closer with its mission to help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Embracing innovation and digitalization, Sanitas aims to provide the best and most accurate healthcare to its clients. Through its digital tools, the company strives to deliver efficient care while ensuring an excellent patient experience. One notable milestone in this digital journey is the incorporation of “Cuida tu mente” (Take Care of Your Mind) into BluaU, a new digital service focused on addressing mental health and emotional well-being. Additionally, Sanitas has launched “Monitor your health,” a tool that takes the concept of preventive medicine to the next level.

During the pandemic period, Sanitas promoted video consultations as an alternative to in-person visits. This initiative has successfully coexisted with traditional care, allowing the company to provide a balanced approach that suits the needs of its clients. In 2022 alone, Sanitas facilitated a total of 771,000 video consultations across 37 different specialties, connecting patients with 3,114 specialist doctors.

Digitalization is also transforming Sanitas’ hospital network. The company has initiated the construction of Valdebebas Hospital, the country’s first fully digital hospital. Spread across more than 30,000 square meters, this state-of-the-art facility will incorporate the latest advancements in digitalized medicine and host three reference healthcare units. Expected to be fully operational in 2025, the hospital aims to enhance the doctor-patient connection, improve the patient experience, and provide advanced treatments and diagnostic capabilities.

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In addition to revolutionizing healthcare, Sanitas places great emphasis on sustainability. The company’s Healthy Cities project focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles and creating urban environments that benefit both people and the planet. As part of its commitment to becoming a NetZero company, Sanitas has already reduced its CO2 footprint by 76% since 2009. In 2022 alone, it managed to avoid the emission of over 8,000 tons of CO2, a significant accomplishment in its sustainability journey.

Sanitas continues to lead the way in transforming healthcare by embracing technology, prioritizing patient experience, and promoting sustainability. With its vision for the future, the company is set to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, ensuring that medicine remains precise, humane, and accessible to all.

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