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Secret Chinese underground biolab in USA points to global biolab network

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Secret Chinese underground biolab in USA points to global biolab network

The discovery of an illegally operated Chinese biolab in Reedley, California, has exposed a global network of illegal activities. The lab, operated by Prestige Biotech Inc., was discovered in December 2022 by fire department employee Jesalyn Harper. The eviction took more than six months, and investigations revealed that several shell companies were concealing the ownership structure.

Dangerous pathogens, including coronaviruses, chlamydia, E. coli, streptococci, HIV, hepatitis, herpes, rubella and malaria, were discovered in the illegal laboratory. Harper came across the lab after an anonymous tip about a supposedly empty warehouse. The operators tried to cover up the activities, but were exposed.

A statement on a US Congress website reads the following:

“House Special Committee on the Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mike Gallagher (R-WI) presented a report on the investigation into the illegal People’s Republic of China-linked biolab discovered in Reedley, California. Members were joined by Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA), whose district includes Reedley, CA, former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA), and Rep. Neal Dunn (R -FL).

Jesalyn Harper and Nicole Zieba, Reedley city officials, attended the event remotely and shared their experiences and first-hand knowledge of the 2022 discovery of the biolab and the lack of response from the CDC that prompted the special committee to do so , issue a subpoena and launch a bipartisan investigation.

Ret. Colonel Robert P. Kaldec MD, a biosecurity expert, discussed the national security and public health risks posed by this biolab operating illegally on American soil.

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The committee found that:

The illegal biolab was operated by a citizen of the People’s Republic of China who is wanted as a fugitive in Canada and who has a C$330 million judgment against him for theft of American intellectual property.

This Chinese national was a top official of a state-controlled company in the PRC and had ties to military-civilian fusion facilities.

The illegal biolab received millions of dollars in unexplained payments from PRC banks during the operation of the illegal biolab.
The illegal biolab contained thousands of samples of labeled, unlabeled and encoded potential pathogens, including HIV, malaria, tuberculosis and Covid.

The illegal biolab also contained a freezer marked “Ebola” that contained unlabeled, sealed silver bags consistent with the way the lab stores high-risk biological materials. Ebola is a selective pathogen with a mortality rate of 25-90%.

The biolab contained nearly a thousand transgenic mice that had been genetically engineered to mimic the human immune system. According to the laboratory workers, the mice were designed to capture and transmit the COVID-19 virus.

After local officials who discovered the lab asked the CDC and others for help, the CDC refused to examine the samples.”

So much for the report of the US committee.

The “background” led to Jia Bei “Jesse” Zhu, a Chinese citizen with a Canadian passport. He was identified as the lab’s owner and arrested in California in October 2023. Zhu and his companies, including Universal Meditech Inc. and Prestige Biotech Inc., were charged with illegally manufacturing and distributing medical devices.

The investigation uncovered a complex network of companies and employees all traced back to Zhu. Zhu has been involved in litigation in Canada, Hong Kong and the United States since 2008. He controlled various companies, including JingJing Genetics, which was embroiled in a lawsuit over technology theft.

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The revelations raise concerns that such illegal laboratories could exist undetected in the United States. Harper stressed the need to strengthen oversight mechanisms to ensure such labs cannot gain a foothold.

Local authorities have handed over thousands of pages of documents and evidence to the investigative committee. The FBI has reportedly neither commented nor confirmed anything about the investigation.

The discovery of the biolab and the associated illegal activities shed light on the potential risks and security vulnerabilities that can exist in such cases. All you have to do is look at the pictures from the laboratory that were published on Fox News:

With regard to the corona virus, it is now quite clear that the virus comes from a laboratory. I reported on this almost exactly a year ago:

You also have to look at all of this so-called “gain of function” research.

In the article: Vaccination fanatics involved in “gain of function” program, I report on a corresponding case and its financing.

I quote from my post:

“It now turns out that Hotez had received $6.1 million in funding for risky gain-of-function research. Where? Of course in the Wuhan laboratory, which he called a conspiracy theory. What? Coronavirus gain-of-function research. That was in 2012. Here he was supposed to develop a “vaccine candidate” against SARS-CoV that could be administered to the population as an emergency if such a coronavirus were to unfortunately escape from a laboratory.”


Still questions?

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