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‘She is pregnant’: compromised health for the castaway

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‘She is pregnant’: compromised health for the castaway

Isola dei Famosi 2022: “She is pregnant”. Shipwrecked sent home, health compromised. On social networks the real reason appears, the details about it.

The Island of the Famous – Donnapress.it

Hugely successful Canale 5 program, The Island of the Famous is all the time on the lips of the publicespecially that of social networks which never misses the slightest opportunity to report inconsistencies, applaud those who deserve it or simply comment on what is happening in Honduras.

Precisely in this regard, in the last hours, an absolutely unexpected and totally unthinkable indiscretion emerged. What is it about? Let’s try to understand what is happening to the health of a well-liked castaway by viewers.

Isola dei Famosi 2022: health compromised for a shipwrecked woman

The sixteenth edition of the Isola dei Famosi does not stop giving twists to the lovers of the Mediaset reality show, hosted for the second time by the beautiful Ilary Blasi. Indeed, it seems that one happens every day, beyond the classic dynamics of the game.

In fact, it seems that in the last few hours the health of a shipwrecked woman quite well liked by the public has been compromised. Because? What’s happening on the hugely popular palapa beach? Let’s find out all the details about it.

Study of the Island of the Famous 2022
Study of the Island of the Famous 2022 – DonnaPress.it

Isola 2022: “She is pregnant”, shipwrecked sent home. Riot on social media

As part of the beloved broadcast of Mediaset’s flagship network, as is now known, they happen of all colors. Indeed, the adversities that the castaways have had since the beginning of the program were not enough.

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It is not necessary to forget, in fact, the sharks seen in close proximity of the shore; the terrible fire which took place on Cayos Cochinos; the burns by Patrizia Bonetti oi minor health problems that arise from time to time. In the last few hours, a further twist, totally unexpected, would have emerged: a pregnancy.

But who is it about? What happened and what will happen? Let’s try to clarify the indiscretion launched on social networks.

Ilary Blasi speechless
Ilary Blasi – DonnaPress.it

Following the fourteenth episode of the reality show of Ilary Blasibroadcast live on Canale 5 on 6 maggio 2022the gossip expert Deianira Marzano posted an Instagram Story, in which he explained, according to his informants, what really happened to a castaway: Beatrice Marino.

Well, it seems that thereRoger Balduino’s ex-girlfriend shouldn’t have left the Island of the Famous 16since it had been designated as a fixed competitor to create dynamics between his ex and the current flame of the latter Estefanía.

Let’s discover Marzano’s words together, but, above all, let’s take a look at the motivation for abandonment.

Beatriz Marino Island of the Famous
Story of Deianira Marzano on Beatriz Marino – DonnaPress.it

In fact, following the publication of the previous content, web users went wild, emphasizing that Marino would be pregnant. But is it really so?

Obviously, at the moment, there is no certainty. But, it would not be a hypothesis to be completely ruled out.

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