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Since 2005, losses of 110 million euros for Trivulzio – Healthcare

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Since 2005, losses of 110 million euros for Trivulzio – Healthcare

A capital deficit of 32 million euros that requires “a recapitalization” and approximately 110 million in losses carried forward accumulated from 2005 to today. These are some of the numbers of the Pio Albergo Trivulzio in Milan, highlighted in a report drawn up by the regional control agency of the Lombard social-health system.

Interest expense in 2022 is approximately one million euros, with “strong growth” for 2023. Payables to suppliers amount to approximately 24 million euros, with payment times of 240 days in 2022 and a considerable increase compared to the previous year. previous year of 5.7 million (+31%). And a financial exposure, also due to the missed disposals of 2023, which will lead “to a worsening” of payment times.

The administrative offices of the Pat, the document reads, confirmed that, as reported on the 2022 financial statements, compared to a total value of the contracts of 50.4 million euros, the Asp received cash remittances from the Ats of Milan and Brianza for 45.1 million (about 90%).

Given that the recognized production amounts to 28.7 million (57%), the Pat will have to return 16.4 million, “worsening its liquidity situation and the economic result for the year 2023”. Compared to 2019, revenues for healthcare services decreased by approximately 11%, those for healthcare services by approximately 35% and those for minor assistance by approximately 8%, although 2022 records a recovery on the 2021.

In the income statement attached to the 2023 budget, it can be seen that the cost of labor is estimated at around 62 million euros against total revenues estimated at just over 78 million euros. Considering only the portion of revenue deriving from production from health, social and health care and social activities, the amount of revenue is reduced to approximately 64.5 million euros.

Consequently, the impact of labor costs on revenues for the production portion alone is approximately 96%, in line with the 2022 figure and up on the years 2019-2021.

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