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smoke invades McDonald’s and the Body Studio gym

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smoke invades McDonald’s and the Body Studio gym

A fire broke out in an underground condominium area in Piazza Castelnuovo. Smoke has also invaded Politeama’s McDonald’s fast food restaurant, which is still open regularly.

It seems that the fire started from a cellar floor, where the Body Studio gym is located. The firefighters intervened on the spot and, after having extinguished the fire with the fire extinguishers of the gym, forbade the internal condominium area.

From the first findings it should have been a short circuit that caused the fire. No injuries were recorded. The owners of the gym let it be known that “specifically, there was a technical failure adjacent to our structure, which caused smoke to escape and invade our premises”. The gym has been closed as a precaution and will reopen tomorrow morning.

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