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Stefan Jammer: An evening about more peace, serenity and depth in life

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Stefan Jammer: An evening about more peace, serenity and depth in life

Yoga teacher Stefan Jammer from Eningen uses the health forum to show the opportunities and deeper content of yoga practice

Yoga teacher Stefan Jammer from Eningen shows the opportunities and deeper content of yoga practice

Yoga teacher Stefan Jammer from Eningen shows the opportunities and deeper content of yoga practice with the health forum – successful information lecture yoga deep training

Full-time yoga teacher Stefan Jammer gave a deeper insight into yoga practice at the information event of the Health Forum Eningen. With various exercises he interactively stimulated the audience to a special, so-called “opposite attention”. For him, this approach was the central content of the evening in order to support the goal of “more calm, serenity and depth in life”.

The almost 30 interested listeners learned new things about the philosophy and effects of yoga. “If a person learns to keep their senses awake over a long period of time and to direct their thoughts clearly and objectively to a counterpart, calm can develop in the nervous system,” says Jammer. In practice, for example, thoughts are directed towards the harmonious straightening up of the body, towards the breath in its openness, towards space or towards a phenomenon in nature.

The yoga trainer made the reference to everyday life through the words of Dr. medical Eckard Schiffer, who, during his many years of work as a doctor in the field of salutogenesis, coined the phrase: “Treasure hunting instead of error detection”. In this way, Stefan Jammer transferred the meaning to encounters between fellow human beings. Instead of looking for mistakes and problems in other people, each individual can look at the qualities, values ​​and development opportunities of the other person with alert senses and clear thoughts – i.e. with incoming attention. With this positive view and the resulting calm and serenity, one’s own health and that of others can be actively promoted. This corresponds to the deeper idea of ​​the yoga path, he emphasized.

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Stimulated questions and the positive feedback from the participants showed the success of the event. In the end, not only was there inner peace, but also a feeling of deeper contentment and unity with a larger whole. According to the participants, these sensations arose from the “oncoming attention” approach.

New methods and the dissemination of knowledge are among the very important aspects of the health forum, which Stefan Jammer impressively supported in his presentation. The Chair of the Health Forum Veronika Bittner-Wysk and Advisory Board member Volker Feyerabend are looking forward to a variety of speakers, lectures and events. “With various topics from all directions at our regular events in Eningen and the surrounding area, we can reach a large number of citizens.” This evening showed once again that the varied presentations impressively support the goals of the association.

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