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stolen money, pc and hardisk

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stolen money, pc and hardisk

They tamper with the electrical opening system of the shutter and sneak into the gymnasium in via Dante from where they steal about 40 euros in coins from the drinks dispenser, but also a computer and the hard disk of the video surveillance system. There seems to be no more peace for the shops in the center of Agrigento. After the theft of a bar in Porta di Ponte and a grocery store in Piazza Ravanusella, in the last few hours, it also “touched” a gym.

After the bar “it’s up” to the grocery store: money and mobile phone stolen

One remains to act as “lookout”, the other forces the window and takes away the day’s takings: “hit” bar in Porta di Ponte

The theft took place around 12.30am. The owner, a forty-seven year old from Agrigento, reported the incident. The report was collected by the carabinieri who, of course, started the investigation. They do not filter indiscretions in this regard. However, it is, and this is a fact, the umpteenth blow that is being recorded in the city.

Is there always the same gang behind the latest criminal raids? The answer, inevitably, will have to be given by the investigators.

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