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study reveals effects of strawberries on cholesterol

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study reveals effects of strawberries on cholesterol

The strawberry is a fruit that belongs to the Rosaceae family, a perennial plant which, depending on the variety, blooms from the month of April with small white flowers. It can reach a maximum height of 25 centimeters and a bush of 40. The strawberry is not a real fruit because the fruits are what are called achenes or the yellow seeds that can be seen right on the surface of the strawberry. The strawberry leaves have a hairy petiole and are divided into three leaflets, the flowers are made up of 5 white petals.

The strawberry is grown all over the world and in Italy it is found in many varieties that differ in colour, shape and size. The nutritional characteristics of the different varieties are not always the same. This colorful fruit provides few calories (33) but also very few fats because it is largely made up of water (90%) with a low glycemic index (25) which makes it important for those with diabetes.

The fargola brings many antioxidant substances such as anthocyanins, beans, ellagitannins, phenolic acids, terpenoids and for this reason they are allies of cardiovascular health. These fruits appear to be good in preventing some forms of cancer and their consumption leads to better control of blood sugar levels, and therefore could help prevent type 2 diabetes.

But now let’s talk about the discovery: what effect does strawberry have on cholesterol? A study has shown that strawberries, eaten without exaggerating, have the ability to reduce LDL-cholesterol but also triglycerides and even regulate blood sugar levels. According to the researchers of the Polytechnic University of Ancona, the merit should be attributed to the anthocyanins, which are the pigments that give the strawberry its characteristic red colour. The main anthocyanins present in strawberries are pelargonidin-3-glucoside (Pg 3-glu) and cyanidin-3-glucoside (Cy 3-glu).

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Among the properties of the strawberry is the fact that it contains little sodium and a greater quantity of potassium and also of vitamin C. This is why the strawberry is useful for its draining action, against water retention and can be used to prepare excellent herbal teas and drinks. The fact that it contains few calories makes it an excellent fruit for those who carry out slimming diets. The cream made with strawberries is used to treat some skin diseases, strawberry juice is good against inflammation of the nerves or lungs.

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