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“The 3 babies are coming”, Charlene of Monaco: the revealing PHOTO

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“The 3 babies are coming”, Charlene of Monaco: the revealing PHOTO

There is really a lot of talk about Charlene of Monaco, especially in recent months when the princess has made a lot of talk about herself due to her absence. Now that she is back to normal in the principality of Monaco, a new voice sees her as the protagonist: is a third baby on the way?

Charlene of Monaco – Nanopress.it

Princess Charlene of Monaco she returned to the principality to her consort Alberto, for some months now, after an absence due to a bad illness that hit her last year.

Now though Charlene has returned to her royal commitments, alongside her husband, including the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on 8 September. Just on that occasion, the most attentive have noticed a detail in some photos, which made us think of an imminent happy event.

A third baby arriving in Munich? The photo leaves no doubt …

Al funeral of Queen Elizabeth IIthe sovereign who left us after 70 years of reign, Charlene of Monaco attended with her husband Prince Albertalong with all the royals of the world.

Charlene of Monaco
Charlene of Monaco – Nanopress.it

Princess she wore an elegant black dress, that wrapped her body and enhanced her forms. Many have noticed how, compared to many months ago, Charlene seemed very fit and above all more “in the flesh”.

Albert and Charlene of Monaco
Albert and Charlene of Monaco – Nanopress.it

So many have thought that Charlene was expecting a third baby, a little brother to the twins Jacques and Gabriella, who could also be seen as a return to a passionate love with his Alberto, after they have been apart for so long.

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The news arrives from France Sunday magazinewho has in fact insinuated a third pregnancy for Charlene, treading the hand on the fact that the Monegasque couple seemed really happy and radiant, animated by a flame they had not remembered for a long time.

But unfortunately, it seems that the princess is not pregnant. Simply, it appears that Charlene is back to health after so many unfortunate months she had to go through due to an infection that hit her in South Africa last year.

Charlene, a difficult return from London

More news on Charlene of MonacoFurthermore, they say the princess had a difficult time returning from London after Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

Indeed, Alberto’s wife has decided to take some days offbecause it seems she has not yet fully recovered from the serious infection that struck her nose, throat and ears in 2021.

By going to the funeral ceremony followed by the whole world, Charlene actually exposed herself to a great risk: Queen Margaret of Denmark tested positive for Covid, right after the funeral.

Alberto and Charlene arrived with her at the ceremony, via the shuttle made available for the royals, so it is very likely that they were in close contact with the sovereign of Denmark.

An additional detail, therefore, that has led Charlene to isolate herself in these days, to rest and also to keep herself reserved, after the difficult months she has spent and from which she has probably not yet fully recovered.

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