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The BNL Italy Major Premier Padel 2023 presented at the Foro Italico, Binaghi: “Our system is a model”. Cozzoli: “Winning bet”. Carraro: “It will be an extraordinary edition”

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The BNL Italy Major Premier Padel 2023 presented at the Foro Italico, Binaghi: “Our system is a model”.  Cozzoli: “Winning bet”.  Carraro: “It will be an extraordinary edition”

The Bnl Italy Major Padel 2023 was presented this morning at the Circolo del Foro Italico in Rome, one of the four major padel tournaments in the world together with those of Doha, Paris and Monterrey. We will start on Saturday 8 July with the qualifications and continue until 16 July, the day of the finals, which this year will take place at the prestigious Centrale stadium. There will be 134 matches scheduled over 9 days on 8 competition fields, for a double show thanks to the combined formula, with women and men at the same time (56 men’s pairs, 48 ​​women’s). Thanks to the synergistic work between the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation and Sport and Health, Italy is confirmed in the small group of nations chosen by the International Padel Federation to organize some of the largest and most important world events dedicated to the discipline of the moment.

Angelo Binaghi, President of the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation: “Padel is now a reality of world sport and in Italy it is growing more than in any other country. Our system is a model for many. The approaching edition of the BNL Italy Major Premier Padel is historic, for two reasons: it is the first under the aegis of Fitp and the first of its kind that includes a combined tournament, with men and women. We get there with our usual solid teamwork, achieved with the precious contributions of Sport and Health, the International Padel Federation, the Municipality of Rome and the Lazio Region, BNL which supports us and, this year, also the Department Sport”.

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Luigi Carraro, President of the International Padel Federation: “A year ago, all the players defined the Rome tournament as more beautiful due to the charm and warmth of the public. I am convinced that this year athletes and fans will give us even stronger emotions. After all, we know how happy the players are to compete in this circuit, because they feel it is theirs and they perceive the passion we put into it. Padel is growing all over the world, in Italy in particular: we are returning from the emotions of Krakow, where we successfully tested the mix, and we are ready to experience an extraordinary edition of the BNL Italy Major Premier Padel, the first combined event of the our history, a goal that we strongly desired”.

Vito Cozzoli, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sport e Salute SpA: “After last year’s success, we are ready to host the BNL Italy Major Premier Padel again at the Foro Italico and experience the great emotions that only sport can give. We have bet on padel by placing two courts in the temple of tennis. A wild bet. For Sport and Health, therefore, this tournament is particularly felt, we were the first to have believed in it, the first to have exploited the potential of an increasingly popular and inclusive sport in such a suggestive setting as the Foro Italico, where sport, art , culture and nature blend together. In the wake of the great record-breaking international sporting events, organized together with the Federations, we want to win a new challenge, always leveraging teamwork”.

Elena Goitini, BNL Chief Executive Officer and Head of the BNP Paribas Group in Italy: “BNL BNP Paribas makes its debut alongside padel as title sponsor of BNL Italy Major Premier Padel. A commitment that further strengthens the partnership with FITP in the year in which the Bank renewed its support for the Internazionali BNL d’Italia until 2028. Padel in Italy, as in other countries, represents a highly successful sporting phenomenon and is also a discipline that concretely brings inclusion and gender equality into the field. Also for this reason, padel and tennis are vehicles for sharing and communicating ‘Positive Banking’, the strategy of the Bank and the BNP Paribas Group which combines business with sustainability in all its forms.

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At the presentation press conference were present, among others, Diego Nepi Molinerisgeneral manager of Sport e Salute SpA, and the champion Chiara Pappacena, who last week visited the Foro Italico Camp, the summer center of Sport and Health, making hundreds of children discover padel.

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