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The doctor advises how to cure varicose veins

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The doctor advises how to cure varicose veins

Doctor Esposito, what are the alarm bells that warn us that something is wrong in our lower limb veins?
“The symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency are varied: swollen, tired or heavy legs at the end of the day, localized pain in the lower limbs and a restlessness during bed rest known as ‘restless legs syndrome’. In more advanced cases, however, dilated varicose veins become visible on our legs. They are all alarm bells that must direct us towards a specialist visit”.

What can varicose veins detect?
“When they are in their infancy, varicose veins can only represent an aesthetic problem. But when they progress and evolve they can be the sign of venous problems of various kinds, such as truncal varicose veins which can lead to the formation of thrombophlebitis, with the blood clotting inside the vessel, or venous ulcers. Hence the importance of intervening before complications develop”.

What are the causes of these circulatory problems?
“Basically there is a great genetic predisposition, in the sense that anyone suffering from varicose veins certainly has some relative in the family who has experienced or is experiencing the same experience. This genetic condition is then associated with various external factors due to incorrect lifestyles: such as obesity and spending the whole day on your feet or in very hot environments. The same condition can also be caused by taking certain drugs, which are contraindicated for those predisposed to varicose veins, such as hormonal therapies. At the table it is better to favor a diet rich in fruit and vegetables which, in addition to promoting weight control, also provides vitamins and bioflavonoids with an antioxidant action which preserve the integrity of the blood vessels”.

How can varicose veins be treated?
“In the initial stages it is necessary to proceed preventively, using elastic stockings or taking drugs that can help improve the symptoms. However, when the varicose veins are in an advanced state, it is necessary to intervene with a surgical intervention which today is minimally invasive and is performed at the day hospital level. Using the laser it is possible to close the vein from the inside, without cuts and therefore without leaving scars, with great advantages for the patient, who can enjoy a quick and uncomplicated recovery”.

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