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The tractor front is split, for and against the government. Calvani: ‘20,000 of them at the Circus Maximus on Thursday’ – News

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The tractor front is split, for and against the government.  Calvani: ‘20,000 of them at the Circus Maximus on Thursday’ – News

“Yesterday’s meeting at the ministry went badly, we only came out with promises. The garrison of via Nomentana therefore remains, in fact we will strengthen it. More vehicles are on the way. We will reach a thousand tractors.” This was stated by Andrea Papa, one of the spokespersons for agricultural redemption. “Lollobrigida yesterday he came here without being invited – he continues – when he arrived he was also booed”. But the front is not compact. Among the farmers who support the movement’s protest there are those who see it differently. “In my opinion it was a constructive discussion – explains Roberto Rosati – the minister promised that the door will always remain open for us”.

“Many things happened yesterday. From my point of view it was a positive day. Today at the garrison we will take stock of the situation and decide in a shared manner how to proceed”. To say it Roberto Rosati one of the spokespersons of the farmers who join Riscatto Agricolo, after yesterday’s meeting with the minister Francesco Lollobrigida and the tractor parade in the center of Rome in the morning and on the Grande Raccordo Anulare in the evening. “The city welcomed us. On the ring road last night the motorists greeted and cheered on the ten kilometer column formed by our tractors”. This was stated by Roberto Rosati, one of the spokesmen for Agricultural Ransom. “We are pleased that we have been understood by the citizens and that our message has been understood by the Italians – he adds – It is first of all the people who decide what to eat who determine our future”.

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For further information ANSA Agency Lollobrigida at the tractor rally in Rome: “I have guaranteed my commitment to everyone” – News – Ansa.it The Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida arrived at the agricultural redemption rally on the Nomentana in Rome: “I think that the controversies come more from small parts of Parliament in search of notoriety than from farmers”. (HANDLE)

The political debate continues. “The League will never stand with those who want to destroy the agricultural world. In fact, while there were those in Europe who chose to support a disastrous EU Commission, responsible for the crazy fake-green policies that bring fundamental sectors, businesses, workers and families to their knees, the League has never had doubts and from the beginning has defended the interests of Italian farmers, fishermen and producers”. Thus a note from the League, which announces that it will reject in the coming weeks “directives and regulations on industry and packaging that would create further damage and asking for an early review of a CAP that doesn’t work like this”.

Left the garrison of S. Maria Capua Vetere

The Caserta farmers left the garrison set up in Santa Maria Capua Vetere outside the A1 motorway toll booth and began a slow march with tractors to reach the Borgo Centore area in the municipality of Cancello and Arnone, not far from the river Garigliano and the border with Lazio; here they will meet to finalize the organization of the approach to Rome, where they will hold an event on 15 February. These are the farmers who have joined the mobilization called by the Altragricoltura association and other associations, such as the “Save the Buffaloes” movement, which for two years have been denouncing the failures of politics in the fight to eradicate brucellosis, a disease which affects buffalo heads and is widespread especially in the Caserta area. The farmers will parade in Rome with representatives and members of associations of other professions – there will be beach resorts, fishermen, restaurateurs – such as Popolo Produzione. Solidarity with the farmers was expressed during the march. In Santa Maria la Fossa some people also offered an aperitif to the demonstrators.

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