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the “unusual” visits of Carlo

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the “unusual” visits of Carlo

The health conditions of Queen Elizabeth seem increasingly worrying. The Sovereign, who has been on her property in Balmoral in Scotland in recent weeks, has been banned from travel by doctors due to her mobility problems. But to alarm the subjects even more would be the increasingly frequent visits of Prince Charles, considered “very unusual” by royal experts.

Queen Elizabeth, doctors are worried: the bans imposed

Queen Elizabeth will soon have to give up one of the most important commitments for her role. Unfortunately, the doctors were in fact categorical: due to his health conditions he will not be able to face the long journey that from his estate in Balmoral, Scotland, he should take her to London to appoint the new Prime Minister next month.

The Queen was advised not to travel“, Confessed a source close to the Royal Family al Sun. “It may not be the best choice to have the Queen travel for 48 hours, when Ministers can easily reach Balmoral,” the insider added to the British magazine.

It is true that the last word belongs to Elizabeth, who could surprise her subjects just as she did during the Jubilee last June. About her Her precarious conditions of mobility, which by now are reducing her movements to the bone, could also involve a sea change for the Crown. The Queen kissed her hand to her first Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1952 at Heathrow, upon returning from Africa following the death of King George VI, and ever since, every other Prime Minister went to Buckingham Palace.

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For the first time in the long reign of Elizabeth II, things could change: the Sovereign may not be able to make a journey of 1000 miles, and for this the next British Prime Minister could go to Scotland to a historic ceremony which will seal the transfer of power.

The “unusual” visits of Prince Charles: the royal experts are alarmed

In addition to the prohibitions of doctors, to particularly alarm the subjects are the constant visits of Prince Charles to his mother, who seems to be taking advantage of every free moment to spend time with her. In fact, unscheduled meetings at the Balmoral estate would be “very unusual”, as royal experts point out.

For almost a year, the Queen has been battling her mobility problems, a condition that is worrying her advisors closest to her. It is no coincidence that the traditional public welcome party upon her arrival in Balmoral was also celebrated behind closed doors, and since she arrived at her summer residence he didn’t even attend Sunday mass, unmissable appointment for her.

Prince Andrew also moved into the estate the day after the Queen’s arrival, and it seems that mother and son are engaging in intense talks about the future of the Crown. Journalist Ingrid Seward of the magazine Majesty, has explained: “It is very unusual for Prince Charles to make these kinds of impromptu visits to see his mother. But Carlo is a very caring person, and who else can he count on now that Prince Philip is gone? ”.

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